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Antiemetic Drugs | Medi Tutorials

Antiemetic Drugs | Medi Tutorials

Antiemetic Drug emesis means nausea, vomitting
(So antiemetic drug are those drug which prevent emesis) *Drugs used for nausea , vomitting associated
with GIT: Metachlorpromide
Domperidone *Drugs used for motion sickness:
Cyclizine Dimenhydrinate
Promethazine *Drugs used for control of vomitting due to
cytotoxic agents: Ondansetron
Lorazepam *Drugs used in pregnency associated vomitting:
Cyclizine Meclizine *Drugs induced vomitting due to general anasthesia:
Ondansetron Metachlopromide *Drug Induced vomitting due to morphine:

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