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Acid Reflux causes and Treatment

Allergies, Asthma and Sublingual Immunotherapy with Dr. Sabnis

Allergies, Asthma and Sublingual Immunotherapy with Dr. Sabnis

Allergy solutions brought to you by the
leaders in allergy care, Allergy Associates of La Crosse. Allergies and
asthma are connected and interrelated, especially in pediatric age group.
Allergies kind of begin may begin early in life. Sometimes it may start as a food
allergy sometimes it may start as eczema in the second year of life. Then it might
progress to allergic rhinitis and sinusitis, and then it might even progress to
asthma. Atopic march generally is not seen by parents, it is usually seen by the
physician. Once we diagnose it, once we know what causes it, then the treatment
is relatively simple. Our treatment consists of giving incremental doses of
allergens that you are allergic to, to induce tolerance in the system. For more
than 40 years, Allergy Associates of La Crosse has provided effective, innovative,
allergy treatment.

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