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Abraham: NO GAIN IN PAIN – Esther & Jerry Hicks

Abraham: NO GAIN IN PAIN – Esther & Jerry Hicks

No Gain In Pain So there is a vibrational version of you that is preceding you even now you are in this physical body just like that vibrational version of you preceded you before you came into this physical body. And when this leading edge genius creative physical you explores contrast and gives birth to a new desire that non-physical part of you rides that rocket and becomes it. That’s what that feeling of excitement or expectation is. When you feel that joyous positive motion that means that you are within the vibrational vicinity of this powerful attraction and the sensation to you is that it’s like a powerful river that is moving downstream and if you even stick your toe in it the river will sweep you with its current toward what you are wanting. And when you understand that everything that you want is within that current and it is moving downstream and you begin to relax and allow yourself to go with that steady flow everything that you want will begin showing up in your experience. We see so many of you. You take your raft or your boat down to the river’s edge and you get into the raft and almost without exception you turn it upstream and begin paddling very hard. We know. It is illogical isn’t it? And we say why not go with the flow? And our human friends think about it briefly and then say that just seems lazy. The people who try hard – Look at them all. Look how hard they try. And those are the ones who are rewarded. I learned it when I was little. The harder you try the better things will go for you and there is no gain without pain. I was told that over and over and over again and since I want gain then I want pain. So get out of my way and let me paddle. Look how strong I am becoming. And then they point out to us all the other strong ones that are virtuous and valiant and paddling upstream too. And we listen politely. Because we have seen the big picture and we know who you are and we know why you came and we know that everything that you want is downstream and that nothing that you want is upstream. Without knowing it most of our human friends have picked up very upstream habits. You’ve been trained by others who’ve been paddling upstream very hard and The Art of Allowing is about letting go of those oars. And it’s easy to let go of the oars when you know that everything that you want is downstream and when you know that the Source Energy within you is down there tending what you are wanting. But when you believe that you have to work hard when you believe that struggle is inherent in achieving then while we will admit that you can move some physical things around we have to say to you that creation through action is mediocre at best in terms of the results it brings to you and that creation through alignment of energy is where all of the masters and all of those that you revere have found their place. You can not be a magnificent creator without alignment to the energy of the power that creates worlds. And when you hold yourself apart from it you know it you feel rotten and when you find yourself aligning to it you feel wonderful. Isn’t it nice that you were born with a guidance system that lets you easily know from wherever you stand if the thought you are choosing to say right now – if the thought you are thinking if the words you are speaking – you can tell by the way you feel if it’s upstream in nature or downstream in nature. The way you are feeling right now won’t tell you the best thought you’ve ever thought. It will only tell you the directional choice of your thoughts. It will let you know if you’re going toward what you want or away from what you want. Toward who you really are or away from who you really are. Jerry and Esther went whitewater rafting and it was such a fun day. And as they put their boat in the water – there were a lot of them that went six of them went together and several other rafts full of high school wrestlers. And as they put their boat in the water not one of them even thought about turning the raft upstream. They knew that fast moving river was going to have its way with them. Nobody even thought about paddling upstream. And the river guide said to them first thing friends this is not Disney Land. We can not turn this river off. And this is the thing that we most want to say to you. We can not turn this river off. Further you’re the one who made the river go so fast. You hit the ground running when you were born. You had so much intention. And all day every day you’re sifting through that data of life and asking asking asking asking asking. You’re the reason the river’s moving fast and you’re the reason that you’re going with it or not. You have total control in all of this and nothing that you are doing has anything to do with anybody else or anybody else’s river. In other words stay out of their boat. And don’t invite them in your boat. In other words the only awareness that you need to have – if you want to utilize the guidance system that you were born with you want to know one thing and one thing only moment by moment thought by thought. Is this upstream or downstream? And then the next statement is how can I make it more downstream? How can I turn this thought and this feeling more downstream? What could I do to soften the resistance? What could I do to release the resistance a little more? And trying harder is the wrong answer. Trying harder makes the resistance more. It’s letting go of the oars that makes it less. It’s trusting the process. It’s trusting The Stream. This is such an important message that a while back we wrote a book and we gave it the best title of any book that’s ever been written. Ask and It Is Given. And we just explained to you how that is so. Life causes you to ask and Source not only gives it to you. Source literally becomes the vibrational essence of that which you are asking for and stands in such complete alignment with the ever-expanding version of you and offers a signal unto the Universe that Law of Attraction is responding to which creates the sensation within you of a current that is indescribable and when you allow yourself to move in the direction of that current you feel wonderful and when you don’t you don’t. We have enjoyed this interaction immensely. There is great love here for you. And as always we remain incomplete.

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  • very interesting. im an artist like my mother but i have never taken the time for myself to flow downstream with it. thanks

  • "Creation through Action is mediocre at best.
    Creation through alignment of energy is where all of the masters and all of those you revere have found their place"

    LOVE IT!

  • Your teachings have been a total driving force in my life! I have Asperger Syndrome, and was told all my life that I cant accomplish things, now, I have started the applicaton process to be an RN. You have given me so much confidance! Because of your teachings, I will succeed, and I believe I will succeed, because I am willing myself to succeed! Thank you so much for what you do!

  • Creation through action is mediocre at best. Creation through alignment of energy is where all the masters & those you revere have found their place…
    Fantastic stuff! floating down steam….
    LOVE IT!

  • Isn't it amazing how simple the truth really is??? You always leave me smiling, and with good feelings, Thankyou for the reminders. =-D

  • Someone emailed me this post because of my sign in! I love your modesty when you say you gave your book the best title ever given! Abraham! You are delicious. "Creation through action is mediocre at best..".and I love it when you mention the power that creates worlds…that makes me feel soooooooooo downstream. to know that power can flow through our limbs. You are so delicious. thank you! I offer you immense appreciation for all your hard work, across the galaxies wherever you may be.

  • SlimD11: Esther and Jerry Hicks are best-selling authors who have been conducting "Law of Attraction" workshops for almost 25 years. Their work is based on the teachings of "Non-Physical Source Energy" whom they call "Abraham" and who communicates blocks of thought to Esther which she translates. Although some call this "channeling", Esther and Jerry do not. They have nothing to join except a mailing list, have no interest in "followers", and don't even sponsor an Internet discussion forum.

  • @TheDeenaG The song is "If You Want It (It Can Happen) by Francine Jarry, from the CD "Joy, Joy, Joy" – available through Abraham-Hicks.

  • watching Esther brings me so in the Vortex! I always love her smile at the end. She is so lovely and so easy to love!

  • @KelligerP Esther never uses notes or does any preparation for speaking as Abraham, except to center herself and set her intention. She explains that she uses her own words to translate blocks of thought from Non Physical Source Energy, which she identifies as her Soul, and that these inspired impulses are the same as those that a musician receives in the form of music, a comedian gets in the form of funny thoughts, and an athlete acts on when his body reacts faster than his mind can direct.

  • Love you guys. Im pretty sure i just 'got' all of this. Wow. So cool. I have butterflys going like crazy now. 🙂 Its all good.

  • In addition to the Answer given by AbrahamHicks, I have to say, I have not ever been able to prove any of this information that comes through Esther as incorrect. I learned of this about 10 years ago. I have almost every book that her and Jerry has published. What Abraham is teaching via Esther is life changing and when it is applied, it gives you control over every aspect of your life!

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