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Aaron Carter Comes Clean about His Addiction to Huffing

Aaron Carter Comes Clean about His Addiction to Huffing

– We’re talking with Aaron
Carter about his recent struggles including the current
state of his mental health. – So Aaron, I know that you mentioned that this is what mental
health looks like. And I would disagree. I looked at your medical
list from before and now. I mean, these things
have contra indications. – Of course. – And they cause possibly
things like serotonin syndrome. And difficulties with
concentration and memory. And so there’s all of these
things that could be happening. And I know that you’re saying
that you’re clean and sober. But marijuana being part of your regimen doesn’t really strike people as sobriety. True sobriety means that you’re really not on any substances. When somebody has an addictive process already in their history, marijuana affects your brain
in a very different way than somebody who
actually has no problems. So somebody wants to use it medicinally, if they’ve never had addiction issues, that’s not a problem. When somebody has had
an addiction history, you can’t use marijuana because it has totally
different affects on your brain. – So, guess what’s happening? – [Dr. Judy] What? – I’m quitting smoking weed. Do you know why? – You’re gonna quit today? – [Aaron] Yeah. – And why? – Because it affects my medications. – [Dr. Judy] Yes, they do. – So it doesn’t allow my
medications to work properly. – You haven’t really
talked about the huffing. And that’s something that– – It’s something that I’ve kept secret from the whole world until now. I lied to you. I just told you the truth. Huffing was what I was doing. That’s why I have gabapentin
and I have to take fish oil. – Okay. – Because I have to repair the serotonin, the receptors, in my brain. – I want to ask you, the
huffing, when it started, how often you were doing
it, what you were huffing? – It started when I was about 16. My sister, Leslie, who
passed away from a overdose, got me into it. I didn’t really touch
it until I was about 23. Right after I did Dancing With The Stars. Then I started going to
Staples, and Office Depot, and different places buying it with cash so it wouldn’t be reported on receipts or anything like that. So no one could trace me or anything. I was huffing because I
was really (bleep) stupid, and sad, but there’s
really no excuse really. I was huffing because I’m a drug addict. I’m a drug addict. So, I’m a drug addict in recovery. You might not look at me
smoking weed as being sober but I do. – When was the last time you huffed? – When was the last? Right before you guys put me in rehab. – So you’re– – Is there any other test
we can do to prove that? – Well, that’s why huffing
is such a complex problem. You can’t do a test. – I’m aware of that. – And what it does to
your body physiologically can be just as bad as drugs and so it’s, you know how much it can mess you up. – When I went to the rehab,
I went there for 28 days, and I left, went back to
Florida, relapsed immediately, realized I need help again. So I got in my car and I
drove across the country, 38 hours straight, back to rehab. – What was the relapse on? Was it huffing or was it something else? – Huffing, yeah, absolutely. That’s my truth. The truth shall set you free. – [Dr. Travis] How are you doing now? – I’m doing amazing. I’m taking on a lot of the brunt of what’s going on with the family. But I’m strong enough,
I’m fierce, I’ve learned, and the regimen that I’m
on, so since I’m back on it, I got myself back on it about
two weeks ago, all right? And in two weeks, I’ve
managed to make myself, and managed over $100,000 of deals, because I wake up at 6:00 in the morning and go to bed at 9:00 at night. I cook my own steak on my grill outside. By myself in my house. I set up that house to have a family and I’m just waiting for the
love of my life to show up. So, that I can, I can be strong, I can say I’ve been through
hell and back, and I’m back, and I’m here to stay.

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