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a rap some cheaters *cough* olivia jade *cough* should hear

a rap some cheaters *cough* olivia jade *cough* should hear

Hey!!!!! You already know who it is 😉 Charlotte the Charfish in the house with a message for y’all today Listen up!!🥳 Don’t cheat (duh why would you want to) Don’t cheat on your test! listen up now! don’t cheat on your test! Use your brain cells! don’t cheat on your test listen up now! Don’t cheat on that test( or act or college admission) use your brain cells! ( if you have any) Now I understand how it happens. The cheating that is. Too many tests too little time You resort to cheating (or paying colleges to let you in!. Eyes dart around pictures on your Apple watch notes on your sleeve Cheating can seem so easy, but don’t be sleazy do the right thing. If you don’t study that’s your fault thank the F(fail) and learn my dudes What the hell am I doing right here this is so cringy Why did it just close on my head omg Don’t cheat Don’t cheat on your test! Listen up now! don’t cheat on you test Use those brain cells don’t cheat on you test! Listen up now Don’t cheat On your test Second verse come up Don’t be stupid and cheat on that test ask your friends for help studying put in the hours and read that s***(no bad words here) Pull a note from your pocket. Are you even thinking Write the answers on your sleeve how easy to see Pass or fail just do it honestly, leave an F for respect if your grade is lower than a D just heed my message and dont cheat PLEASEEE WHAT AM I SAYING RIGHT NOW IS THIS A MUMBLE RAP?? WHAT DOES THAT MEAN GIVE THIS VIDEO TWO GIANT THUMBS UP IF YOU LIKE MY HAIR IM HORRIBLE AT EDITING PLEASE SUB TO ME AND SHARE WITH UR FRIENDS PLEASE PRACTICE ACCADEMIC HONESTY YEET

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