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A Mum’s Anxiety and its Link with Her Baby’s Reflux – Science #1 ❤️

A Mum’s Anxiety and its Link with Her Baby’s Reflux – Science #1 ❤️

Hi everyone. So, I already put out these
one-minute health tips and lots of other videos for you to help you and your baby.
This is the first in a series of the science behind calming colic, and all the things I
do to help the mother. Maybe because everything I do, I try and base in some
science. And it’s interesting because babies are pretty tricky to help. They’re
a bit random…. as you well know, having a new baby. But, there is actually
plenty of science to back up what I’m doing to help babies, and the book that I
wrote is basically based in science, so there’s s fully science referenced at the
back. Now, what I do is I take the science and I look at it every single day. What
research has come out that I can apply to babies, or what research has been
done with babies for colic and reflux and things. And then I take that and then
hopefully, deliver it to the mums and the babies that come in because, let’s face
it, mums you’re not trawling through science journals to find out how to help
your baby if they’re crying and upset and colicky and refluxy. I’m going to do that for you: read it; translate it into something that can help you now. So, this
is going to be my first short video on taking some scientific research and
translating into something that can help you. And this is absolutely one of my
favorite bits of research. It’s totally amazing! In Australia…. and they looked at eight hundred thousand babies to try to kind of figure out this pattern, and it
was on… with babies with reflux, so GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). But for
you and your baby, reflux which is horrible. Probably worse than a baby
having colic. You know, it’s very worrying, you’ve got sick all over you and you are worrying about them, possibly losing weight, okay. They studied all these babies that came
in, and then they looked at all the mums that came in, and they found the most
amazing link between the mum and the baby with reflux. And they found that if a mum had anxiety – so they “questionnaired” them, surveyed them – there was some official anxiety / kind of depression questionnaire, and they found that if the
mum had anxiety their baby was five times more likely to have reflux! I mean,
it’s just crazy. It’s kind of… that’s the best bit of research that I have found
linking something to a baby having reflux. Because we’re going to look at what formula they’re on; what foods the mum’s eating; you’ll be worried about them
having a dairy allergy or intolerance or something like this. But there’s this
massive link between a mum being anxious. Now, if you’ve got a baby with reflux
you’re going to get anxious because you’re worried about your baby, okay. But, if you
look at the video I made before this today – which is tip number 15 – my one-minute tip number 15 – is about the nervous system. It’s about the stress
system shutting the digestion down, and it’s about the calming nervous system
helping digestion. I think that’s basically where it all
comes from. If the mum is anxious and is worried about the baby – which all of
you are, obviously – then that can then trigger the baby’s digestion to shut
down. The milk comes down, sits there and may bring the reflux up. And I’ve seen it in
my clinic all the time. We have the mums going off, relaxing skin-to-skin, with a
baby, deep breaths, chilling out before a feed, and the
reflux is less for the baby. What’s so nice is that you can take this away and
try it now. Try relaxing, try chilling out, with your baby, and then feeding them. So, it’s a tricky one for me to get across to mums, because I don’t
want to be saying your anxiety’s causing this or triggering this. We need to be
aware that this could be the reason that your baby is refluxing, okay. So, there are
other reasons and all written in… actually, the reflux ebook part of my
eCourse, but also Calming Colic, the book, so there is a load of other reasons.
But, time and time again, they see this and the mum goes: “… yeah, they were so bad last night
and I was so stressed…” or “… they were so bad over the weekend, I was so busy and… the baby was snacky, and…. we were breastfeeding out (you know, out in a coffee shop or something), we weren’t home and relaxed….”. But this is also – I see – applies to a mum that is actually bottle feeding as well. Because you know how the baby… babies pick up on our kind of energy, and if we’re stressed the baby gets stressed so it’s not just breastfeeding, it’s not just like you’re just passing
that through the breastfeeding. It’s just being around them. You know, holding them a bit more tense, uptight. they can feel that. So this is total science-based. I will put the link to this bit of research in the Comments, and then you
can have a look through yourself, okay. So take this away: that the help from this
research converting it into something useful for you is to have a nice, quiet
space relaxing, chill out and feed your baby, okay. Thank you.

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  • If you get anxious, especially if your baby has reflux symptoms, are you aware that your anxiety could be helping to trigger the reflux? Leave a comment below once you've watched this video to find out some amazing research results from Australia.

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