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8 Ways to Get Rid of Mucus in Your Chest | home remedy for chest congestion

8 Ways to Get Rid of Mucus in Your Chest | home remedy for chest congestion

8 Ways to Get Rid of Mucus in Your Chest | home
remedy for chest congestion 0:00:00.000,0:00:04.890
have mucus in your chest that won’t come 0:00:02.220,0:00:06.899
up try this if you’re dealing with a 0:00:04.890,0:00:10.110
persistent cough you likely have a 0:00:06.899,0:00:11.790
buildup of mucus in your chest although 0:00:10.110,0:00:14.549
this isn’t a life-threatening condition 0:00:11.790,0:00:17.699
it can certainly affect your quality of 0:00:14.549,0:00:21.090
life and left untreated it can lead to 0:00:17.699,0:00:23.400
additional complications before you head 0:00:21.090,0:00:25.769
to the doctor there are a few things you 0:00:23.400,0:00:28.590
can do to help clear up your symptoms at 0:00:25.769,0:00:30.060
home keep reading to learn more about 0:00:28.590,0:00:33.630
the different treatment options 0:00:30.060,0:00:36.300
available home remedies to clear chest 0:00:33.630,0:00:39.300
mucus for many people home remedies are 0:00:36.300,0:00:42.690
an effective first-line treatment try 0:00:39.300,0:00:46.020
these options drink liquids drink lots 0:00:42.690,0:00:48.390
of fluids it sounds cliche but you 0:00:46.020,0:00:49.430
likely hear this advice so often because 0:00:48.390,0:00:53.520
it works 0:00:49.430,0:00:56.010
liquids help thin out mucus warm liquids 0:00:53.520,0:00:59.070
in particular can help clear out mucus 0:00:56.010,0:01:01.590
in the chest and nose this can relieve 0:00:59.070,0:01:04.760
congestion giving you a small respite 0:01:01.590,0:01:07.830
from your symptoms you may wish to sip 0:01:04.760,0:01:10.350
water chicken soup warm apple juice 0:01:07.830,0:01:13.049
decaffeinated black or green tea use a 0:01:10.350,0:01:16.409
humidifier steam can also help loosen 0:01:13.049,0:01:18.330
mucus and clear up congestion depending 0:01:16.409,0:01:22.110
on your needs you can make your own 0:01:18.330,0:01:24.630
steam room or humidifier at home you can 0:01:22.110,0:01:28.140
also pick up a humidifier at your local 0:01:24.630,0:01:31.170
drugstore cool mist humidifier czar an 0:01:28.140,0:01:33.659
option as well they’re often preferred 0:01:31.170,0:01:36.960
in warmer climates where steam may not 0:01:33.659,0:01:39.540
be ideal you may find it beneficial to 0:01:36.960,0:01:42.119
use the humidifier at night and keep it 0:01:39.540,0:01:44.430
near your bed this can help ease 0:01:42.119,0:01:46.310
congestion while you’re sleeping so that 0:01:44.430,0:01:49.380
you can sleep easier through the night 0:01:46.310,0:01:51.570
be sure to keep your bedroom door and 0:01:49.380,0:01:54.750
window closed to keep the vapor from 0:01:51.570,0:01:58.259
escaping there are a couple of ways to 0:01:54.750,0:02:00.390
DIY your own humidifier allow your 0:01:58.259,0:02:02.700
shower to become a sauna let the water 0:02:00.390,0:02:03.729
run until it begins to steam up the 0:02:02.700,0:02:06.579
bathroom 0:02:03.729,0:02:08.819
to maximize your steam step into the 0:02:06.579,0:02:11.739
shower and close the curtain or door 0:02:08.819,0:02:14.230
make sure the showerhead is pointed away 0:02:11.739,0:02:17.470
from you so that the water doesn’t scald 0:02:14.230,0:02:19.989
your skin use a bowl and a towel for a 0:02:17.470,0:02:22.500
more targeted steam place a large bowl 0:02:19.989,0:02:26.530
in your sink and fill it with hot water 0:02:22.500,0:02:29.170
once it’s full lean over the bowl place 0:02:26.530,0:02:30.940
a hand towel over your head to help trap 0:02:29.170,0:02:33.819
the steam around your face 0:02:30.940,0:02:36.160
there aren’t any set guidelines for how 0:02:33.819,0:02:39.250
long to sit in the steam so use your 0:02:36.160,0:02:41.230
best judgement if at any point the heat 0:02:39.250,0:02:43.540
becomes overwhelming or makes you 0:02:41.230,0:02:47.019
uncomfortable remove yourself from the 0:02:43.540,0:02:50.170
steam drinking a glass of cold water can 0:02:47.019,0:02:52.750
help you cool down and rehydrate how to 0:02:50.170,0:02:55.239
clear chest mucus naturally natural 0:02:52.750,0:02:58.450
remedies are often beneficial in cases 0:02:55.239,0:03:01.810
of mild or infrequent congestion give 0:02:58.450,0:03:05.170
these natural options a shot take honey 0:03:01.810,0:03:07.329
researchers in one 2007 study trusted 0:03:05.170,0:03:09.579
source found evidence to suggest that 0:03:07.329,0:03:11.859
buckwheat honey may be more effective 0:03:09.579,0:03:15.340
than traditional medication at relieving 0:03:11.859,0:03:18.459
cough the researchers enrolled 105 0:03:15.340,0:03:21.370
children between the ages of 2 and 18 to 0:03:18.459,0:03:23.889
participate they received buckwheat 0:03:21.370,0:03:26.319
honey a honey flavored cough suppressant 0:03:23.889,0:03:26.970
known as dextromethorphan or nothing at 0:03:26.319,0:03:29.470
all 0:03:26.970,0:03:31.540
results revealed that parents found 0:03:29.470,0:03:34.690
buckwheat honey to provide the most 0:03:31.540,0:03:36.880
symptom relief for their kids you can 0:03:34.690,0:03:39.750
purchase buckwheat honey at most health 0:03:36.880,0:03:42.459
food stores and specialty food shops 0:03:39.750,0:03:45.000
simply take a spoonful every few hours 0:03:42.459,0:03:47.530
like you would any cough medicine 0:03:45.000,0:03:50.049
however you shouldn’t give honey to 0:03:47.530,0:03:53.349
children who are younger than 1 year due 0:03:50.049,0:03:55.870
to the risk of botulism use essential 0:03:53.349,0:03:59.079
oils certain essential oils may help 0:03:55.870,0:04:01.750
loosen mucus in the chest peppermint oil 0:03:59.079,0:04:04.989
and eucalyptus oil are also used as 0:04:01.750,0:04:07.859
natural decongestants you can make use 0:04:04.989,0:04:10.840
of essential oil in one of two ways 0:04:07.859,0:04:13.360
defuse it if you want to diffuse the oil 0:04:10.840,0:04:15.410
into the air you can pick up a diffuser 0:04:13.360,0:04:18.140
from your local drugstore 0:04:15.410,0:04:20.690
you can also add a couple of drops of 0:04:18.140,0:04:23.030
the oil to a hot bath or bowl of hot 0:04:20.690,0:04:26.120
water so the scent is released into the 0:04:23.030,0:04:28.700
air for a more targeted approach fill a 0:04:26.120,0:04:32.000
bowl with hot water and a few drops of 0:04:28.700,0:04:34.130
the essential oil lean over the bowl and 0:04:32.000,0:04:37.310
cover your head with a hand towel to 0:04:34.130,0:04:40.280
help trap the steam breathe in the steam 0:04:37.310,0:04:42.740
for five to ten minutes apply it 0:04:40.280,0:04:46.490
topically you’ll need to do a skin patch 0:04:42.740,0:04:49.130
test first to do this mix your essential 0:04:46.490,0:04:52.910
oil with a carrier oil like jojoba or 0:04:49.130,0:04:55.070
coconut oil the carrier oil helps dilute 0:04:52.910,0:04:59.030
the essential oil and reduces your risk 0:04:55.070,0:05:01.580
of irritation a good rule of thumb as 12 0:04:59.030,0:05:05.030
drops of carrier oil for every one or 0:05:01.580,0:05:07.430
two drops of essential oil then apply 0:05:05.030,0:05:10.100
the diluted oil to the inside of your 0:05:07.430,0:05:13.160
forearm if you don’t have any irritation 0:05:10.100,0:05:16.580
within 24 hours it should be safe to 0:05:13.160,0:05:19.160
apply elsewhere once it’s clear that the 0:05:16.580,0:05:21.910
oil is safe on your skin you can apply 0:05:19.160,0:05:24.490
the diluted oil directly to your chest 0:05:21.910,0:05:27.860
repeat as needed throughout the day 0:05:24.490,0:05:31.250
never apply an essential oil to inflamed 0:05:27.860,0:05:33.919
irritated or injured skin you should 0:05:31.250,0:05:34.750
also keep all essential oils away from 0:05:33.919,0:05:37.250
your eyes 0:05:34.750,0:05:40.220
powered by Rubicon project 0:05:37.250,0:05:42.919
over-the-counter OTC remedies to clear 0:05:40.220,0:05:45.200
chest mucus if home or natural remedies 0:05:42.919,0:05:48.040
aren’t relieving your congestion you may 0:05:45.200,0:05:50.990
want to give an OTC medication a try 0:05:48.040,0:05:53.330
take a decongestant decongestants are 0:05:50.990,0:05:56.080
available in liquid tablet or nasal 0:05:53.330,0:06:00.470
spray form at your local drugstore 0:05:56.080,0:06:03.680
common OTC options include oxymetazoline 0:06:00.470,0:06:07.000
Vicks sinx pseudoephedrine sudafed 0:06:03.680,0:06:09.230
follow the directions on the packaging a 0:06:07.000,0:06:11.440
decongestant can speed up your heart 0:06:09.230,0:06:14.270
rate and make it harder to fall asleep 0:06:11.440,0:06:17.810
you may find it better to take during 0:06:14.270,0:06:20.210
the daytime slather on a vapor rub vapor 0:06:17.810,0:06:21.800
rubs also contain d congestive 0:06:20.210,0:06:25.070
ingredients but they’re applied 0:06:21.800,0:06:27.710
topically instead of ingested in one 0:06:25.070,0:06:28.490
2010 study researchers studied children 0:06:27.710,0:06:30.830
who 0:06:28.490,0:06:34.280
either vapor rub treatment petrolatum 0:06:30.830,0:06:36.560
ointment or no medication vapor rub 0:06:34.280,0:06:39.740
scored the highest in providing relief 0:06:36.560,0:06:41.840
from cough and congestion the ointment 0:06:39.740,0:06:45.259
didn’t relieve symptoms significantly 0:06:41.840,0:06:47.180
better than no treatment at all so it’s 0:06:45.259,0:06:49.940
thought that the combined camphor and 0:06:47.180,0:06:52.940
menthol of a vapor rub supplies the most 0:06:49.940,0:06:57.080
symptom relief you can purchase vapor 0:06:52.940,0:06:59.419
rubs at any drugstore common OTC chest 0:06:57.080,0:07:03.289
rubs that contain camphor and menthol 0:06:59.419,0:07:05.960
include JR Watkins natural menthol 0:07:03.289,0:07:08.660
camphor ointment Mentholatum vaporizing 0:07:05.960,0:07:10.789
rub Vicks VapoRub you can usually rub it 0:07:08.660,0:07:12.259
onto your chest every night until the 0:07:10.789,0:07:15.110
symptoms go away 0:07:12.259,0:07:18.259
be sure to follow the instructions on 0:07:15.110,0:07:21.289
the packaging prescription medication to 0:07:18.259,0:07:23.349
clear chest mucus if OTC options still 0:07:21.289,0:07:26.210
don’t help you should see your doctor 0:07:23.349,0:07:29.539
it’s important to determine the cause of 0:07:26.210,0:07:31.699
your mucous and cough they may recommend 0:07:29.539,0:07:34.370
prescription strength medication as a 0:07:31.699,0:07:36.710
result discuss a prescription 0:07:34.370,0:07:38.930
decongestant if you find that the mucus 0:07:36.710,0:07:40.759
lasts for more than three to four days 0:07:38.930,0:07:43.250
or that your condition gets worse 0:07:40.759,0:07:46.340
quickly you can ask your doctor for a 0:07:43.250,0:07:49.370
prescription decongestant it’s simply a 0:07:46.340,0:07:51.949
stronger version of OTC decongestants 0:07:49.370,0:07:55.280
your doctor will instruct you on how 0:07:51.949,0:07:57.949
often to take it discuss a prescription 0:07:55.280,0:08:00.320
nasal spray if the congestion is also in 0:07:57.949,0:08:03.860
your nose nasal decongestant sprays can 0:08:00.320,0:08:06.050
help open up your nasal passageway talk 0:08:03.860,0:08:09.169
to your doctor about how long you should 0:08:06.050,0:08:11.840
use them typically if you use nasal 0:08:09.169,0:08:15.139
sprays for more than three days in a row 0:08:11.840,0:08:17.000
you may end up stuffed up again when to 0:08:15.139,0:08:19.719
see your doctor if your symptoms persist 0:08:17.000,0:08:22.669
make an appointment to see your doctor 0:08:19.719,0:08:25.300
this is especially true if you have a 0:08:22.669,0:08:28.639
fever chest pain or trouble breathing 0:08:25.300,0:08:31.580
it’s also important to see a doctor if 0:08:28.639,0:08:34.430
the congestion worsens and lasts longer 0:08:31.580,0:08:36.260
than three or four days mucus changes 0:08:34.430,0:08:38.630
from a runny substance to a thicker 0:08:36.260,0:08:39.529
texture mucus has a green or yellow 0:08:38.630,0:08:41.599
color as 0:08:39.529,0:08:44.329
this may indicate an infection in most 0:08:41.599,0:08:47.330
cases mucus and related congestion will 0:08:44.329,0:08:49.729
clear up within seven to nine days 0:08:47.330,0:08:49.729

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