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7 Ways To Make Your Stomach Lining Stronger

7 Ways To Make Your Stomach Lining Stronger

Hello there, Eric Bakker from New Zealand. Thank you for coming back. This must be video number 1250-something. I dunno. We’ve done a few of them now. I always appreciate you looking at my videos. It’s what makes me wanna keep making them. So thanks for your kind comments out there. I’ve got a question here from a subscriber. “How do I make my stomach lining stronger?” So here’s a couple tips for you, seven good
tips on how to make that lining pretty tough. If you follow these seven tips, you’re going
to get a pretty good strong stomach. If you’ve got a stomach problem already, if
you follow these tips and persist with it over a period of time, your stomach will get
better, and better, and better. Now remember that a strong stomach and an
effective stomach will make the digestion really, really good. So it will allow the pancreas to properly
do it’s job and to continue on breaking foods down and allow your body to rapidly absorb
them. So a good stomach is going to give you more
energy, more vitality. It’s just gonna improve your whole life. So let’s just kick off. The first one is an anti-inflammatory diet. So there’s no point in eating foods inflame
the gut if you wanna have a strong healthy gut. Especially lining of the gut. And what do you think the top food is that
affects the stomach? It’s alcohol. We’ve talked so much about alcohol, haven’t
we. So in other words, bourbon, or beer, or scotch,
or whisky, or whatever you drink, it’s all the same. It’s alcohol. Alcohol is the most powerful thing in the
stomach. The worst possible time to drink alcohol,
as far as the stomach’s concerned, is on an empty stomach, alright? ‘Cause it will inflame the stomach. It will cause problems there. An anti-inflammatory diet also means you take,
usually, red meat out, like cow meat. Fish with Omega-3, it tends to have more of
an anti-inflammatory property than red meat. But maybe you don’t wanna go to the extent
like I do, is take a lot of meats down in the diet, and just have a bit of fish, a bit
of free-range chicken, and predominately eat legumes, and beans, and peas, and seeds, and
nuts, and berries. There are so many healthy foods you can eat
out there that are anti-inflammatory. Berries, especially. brassica, asparagus, tomatoes, all these foods
are anti-inflammatory. Now, don’t jump on the bandwagon and send
me a nasty comment saying, “Wrong! Wrong! Tomatoes are acid forming, their inflammatory.” Well, in fact, they’re not. The lycopene in tomatoes is anti-inflammatory. I think I did a whole video on nightshades
and trying to debunk that dumb myth that tomatoes are bad for arthritis and crap like that. This is all hearsay, basically. So anti-inflammatory diet basically means
you’re gonna be good friends with the greengrocer. Probably more so than the butcher, right? Now, point number two – Garlic and ginger
are great additions to the diet if you want an anti-inflammatory diet. I always encourage people that I see to eat
more garlic, more ginger, and also more fresh herbs like rosemary, oregano, thyme, basil,
parsley. All of these can go in the cooking. They all have anti-microbial properties and
anti-inflammatory properties to some extent. Especially garlic and ginger. Great to put fresh into your diet. When I make a lentil dish up, I put a large
amount of fresh garlic and fresh ginger chopped up in with lentil dish. It’s beautiful. Point number three – Probiotics. Always try and have some type of food on a
regular basis which has had the probiotic nature about it. A fermented or cultured food, okay? That could be kimchi for you, or it could
be yogurt, it could be a sauerkraut. And as I mentioned in previous videos, always
test the waters first. Take small amounts. If it plays up on your gut, take it out until
your guy can handle these kind of foods, alright? Point number four – the biggest one, I think,
out of the whole of these seven, is stress. Stress has a way to wreck the gut. It’s unseen. No one talks about it. I’m wanna the few people on YouTube that really
push this agenda all the time about stress. Believe me, people. Stress really mucks up digestive health bad. When you’re in that fight or flight, even
low-grade, longterm, it has this great ability to slowly undermine your stomach health while
ensuring that blood supply is not switched off to the stomach, but is diverted away to
other areas of attention. Like legs, like arms, like your head. Parts of the body that need to act promptly
when stress occurs. And the stomach doesn’t need to act promptly
when stress occurs. It’s the last cab off the rank. It’s right down the back, okay? Or today, we say the last Uber off the rank,
I suppose. So twelve down the back, okay? So if stress is a factor in your life, and
you have got a stomach problem, my recommendation is to try and get the stress sorted, and the
stomach should improve, alright? The fifth one we’ve discussed already – less
red meat. Steak, especially is not a good food if you
have a stomach problem. Cow meat, beef, all this kind of stuff, pork,
fatty meat, pepperoni, bacon, salami, all this kind of junk, this is not a good idea
for an inflamed gut. Or if you wanna not get into that realm of
having an inflammatory problem in your digestive problem, let’s pull these kind of meats out
of your diet. Number six, snacking is a no-no, because many
people snack on the wrong kind of foods. If you’re eating three good meals a day, it’s
better that way. If you’ve got a digestive problem, I prefer
you don’t snack on foods. And if you do snack on foods, try to snack
on a bit of yogurt or something like that. Or half an avocado. It’s a lot better than snacking on a beer,
or a Mars Bar, or some chewing gum, or a scoop of ice cream, or a cookie, or something like
that. The seventh one, try to avoid pharmaceutical
drugs. Many pharmaceutical medications mess up the
guy. Many of them. Especially antibiotics. So these really need to be taken out of the
diet as much as possible. When you’re on medications longterm, you’re
going to get a lot of health problems. I’ve talked so much about this on this channel
already. I’m not a fan of pharmaceutical medications
unless absolutely necessary, which is a rarity for most people, right? Think about it. Thanks for the question.

18 Replies to “7 Ways To Make Your Stomach Lining Stronger”

  • Hello Eric!Thank you for you videos very mach!I am glad i found your channel.I am foreigner. Please speak more clearly. It is difficalt for me to comprehand you.Even avto subtitle don't help.Thank you for you work!

  • Hi Dr. Eric Becker! My doctor diagnosed me with H Pylori and I have taken my antibiotics but I refuse to take the other medication due to side affects and so I decided to do the natural healing way and I avoid eating red meats but I eat tuna,chicken, salads and I was wondering if eating bacon is ok? I like having bacon,eggs for breakfast. I use Olive oils, butter to cook with my foods.

  • I've dealt with stomach acid problems for years now and have no clue on how to stop it . Thanks boss ,hope this helps . Any ideas on how to get my stomach back to normal? I'm so afraid to eat sometimes

  • Thank you for the video ! I enjoy watching your videos and this is exactly what I needed to hear . I have ruined my gut with diatomAciois earth and need to recover now

  • 0. Coffee, especially on an empty stomach, 1. Skipping meals, 2. Don't overeat 3. Proper food combining, 4. too much chewing gums, 5. Avoid excessive use of pain medication pills…

  • Hello sir! You give me some hope that I can get rid of candida one day! I found your channel today and I'm so excited! As I see I did everything wrong. Today is my 10 day on green apples persimon and bananas . I eat 4 apples 4 bananas a day.My diet was really bad since I was a kid. Lack of information. I stopped everything so suddenly that I suffer severe hunger headacke tremor and so on. Obviously…I will start from the beginning tomorrow. Please,share with us can we eat salt and what salt do you recommend? I use pink Himalayan salt so far. Thank you! Greeting from Sofia,Bulgaria! Sorry for my poor English.

  • Hi Dr.Eric, I was struggling with candida for 2 years until beginning of this year and the symptoms went away when I cut away on all sugary foods and took CanXida Remove. Thank you for that. However I was recently diagnosed with IBS. IS this related to candida or I just have very bad bacteria balance in my gut? I can't eat garlic and onion due to low Fodmap diet. I totally agree with you on managing stress and stress really plays big part in my digestive health. Wonder if my IBS and candida was caused by stress, i experience anxiety quite a lot and just started on doing meditation and journey of mindfulness

  • Hi – I have a on topic question (concerning myself) I have had stomach/gut issues for the last 3 years (thankfully improving) starting with bloating/trapped gas felt very low down left hand side of my stomach which was extremely difficult to release – leading to acid reflux (awful pain and tightness around right hand side of throat) i ended up taking PPI's as I was so bad that I couldn't swallow any liquids without immediate bloating – so i could only rehydrate myself during meals as that would allow me to burp and release the pressure – the ppi's made my bloating increase but did allow my throat to heal (pain) but I do still get tightness (probably due to stress) iand seemed to move the bloating further up so it was easier to release. I came off the ppi's and started taking a regime of probiotics/diet/supplements which have improved my situation (i had major anxiety/weight loss too whilst on and after the ppi's which has finally settled) I did have a endoscopy 3 years ago which showed gastritis – a couple of months ago I had a lactulose breath test as I do still feel bloated after I eat (I am eating better now though and can tolerate the burping etc) which tested positive for hydrogen – I have now finally received a prescription for rifaximin (I was initially prescribed a broad spectrum one) but I am worried about whether it will put me in a better position than i am now – any advice would be appreciated – thank you

  • I have psoriasis and i eat yugort everyday with no prblm i think …i want to ask u! .can yogurt create dampness in the body or not!!

  • NIghtshades have anti nutrients is real. These foods give me bad reflux and regurgitation. In fact I cannot digest any berries either. I do ok when I juice celery with apples. Legumes?? are you insane? Man you need to revise your notes. SIBO is also a major underlying problem so get to that.

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