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7 Signs of Pancreatic Cancer That Go Unnoticed

7 Signs of Pancreatic Cancer That Go Unnoticed

Many times, stomach aches, back pains, indigestion,
weight loss, and tiredness go unnoticed. But they can be signs of pancreatic cancer. According to experts, one in every three adults
with pancreatic cancer ignore these signals. The pancreas acts in the digestive system,
and is responsible for the production of enzymes, fundamental for digestion and insulin production. Most cases of pancretic cancer do not show
any symptoms in the beginning. In the cases where it does show some symptoms,
they are very light, which can make it harder to identify. However, when they are intense, it usually
means that the cancer is already in an advanced stage, which hinders the treatment. Get to know the 7 symptoms now: Jaundice
A very common symptom is a yellowing of the eyes and skin. It happens because of a buildup of bilirubin,
a dark-yellow substance produced by the liver. Liver releases bile, a liquid which contains
bilirubin. But, when the common bile duct gets blocked,
bile can’t reach the intestine, and it causes a buildup of bilirubin in the body. Weight loss and appetite loss
Losing weight is a common sign of cancer because people who suffer from this disease usually
have little to no appetite. Back or abdomen pains
It can happen because the tumor on pancreas can grow and press against the nearby organs,
causing pain. Is this video being helpful? Give it a thumbs up to help spread this important
information to other people. Vomiting and Nausea
As the cancer presses the opposite end of the stomach, it can partially block the organ. It makes it harder for the foods to pass through
it, which then causes nausea and vomiting. Dark urine
Sometimes, the first sign of jaundice is a darkening of urine because of bilirubin. When the bilirubin levels in blood increase
urine becomes brown. Light colored or oily feces
If the bile duct is obstructed, feces can show a light or grayish color, and have an
oily aspect. Itching
When bilirubin gets build up on skin, it can turn yellow, as we have seen before, and also
causes itching. Blood clots
Did you know that a clot in your legs can be a sign of pancreatic cancer? Pain, swelling, redness, and warmth in the
legs can be a signal of a blood clot. However, having a blood clot usually doesn’t
mean you have cancer. Most blood clots are caused by other reasons,
so don’t worry! Do you have any of these symptoms, or know
someone who has? Having one or more of these symptoms doesn’t
necessarily mean you have pancreatic cancer. Many of the symptoms can be caused by other
medical conditions. But, if you have any of them, it is important
to visit a doctor to get a diagnosis, and, if necessary, start treatment.

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