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7 Benefits of Celery Juice For Your Health & Your Hair

7 Benefits of Celery Juice For Your Health & Your Hair

For all of you who suffered from some
form of health issue in your life you may want to pay close attention to this
next video. Today, my hot topic is about celery. It’s sweeping the nation and the
internet, and it’s finally getting the recognition it so richly deserves.
There’s so many videos out there and there’s people telling you about their
experience and how celery worked for them, but what I don’t see is people telling
you “why” it works for them so today I am going to tell you why it works. If you
know me from any of my other videos, you know that I love to educate you. So get a
pen and paper and let me give you the facts. Hi, I’m Debbie from Ask Debbie About Hair and
I’m a hair loss specialist, a board certified nutritionist, and a health and
wellness coach. I started many many years ago helping people with hair loss and I
combined nutrition with it because 98% of hair loss is due to an imbalance in
your body and due to nutritional deficiencies. And I thought it was
important to share with you some facts about celery because it is helping many
people who I actually have helped with hair and health issues. I use celery a
lot in my programs and I saw how people were getting a new lease on life from
this one plant. Now celery is considered an herb to some and a vegetable to
others but today I’m going to call it my miracle plant because millions of people
around the world are talking about celery and they’re sharing these stories
online and more and it is the miracle plant.
Have you ever heard the saying food is medicine? Well if you have, just know food
is medicine the right food can be medicinal. And celery and it’s juice has
herbal medicinal properties. Celery contains mineral salts that kill
off bacteria and viruses that live in your gut, your intestines, your liver, your
kidney, your colon and even your brain. It cleans your entire body. Now some
say that you have to juice celery to get the benefits but I’m here to tell you,
myself, my family, my friends, and my clients, we
actually just have been eating the stalks and we’ve been getting great results from it,
but eating the stalks or drinking it you have to do it first thing in the
morning, particularly, on an empty stomach. So today, I’m going to share with you
seven of the top benefits of adding celery into your diet. Fatigue. So many of us experience fatigue
and celery and it’s juice can help relieve you from fatigue. Most fatigue
actually comes from a nutritional deficiency, a toxic liver overload, and
toxic heavy metals in your body. Celery works to flush those toxins from
your body and it helps to build up the nutrients that you actually may be
deficient in. Your body needs calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium, iron, copper,
zinc, phosphorus, manganese, selenium sulfur, cobalt, and chromium every day,
however, many of these nutrients are deficient in your body and that’s
because of stress, diet, medicines and illnesses, but celery helps to fill in
the gaps fill in the gaps with the needed nutrients that you need. Two, it’s its anti-inflammatory properties.
Celery contains anti-inflammatory compounds and phytonutrients that can
reduce inflammation in your digestive system, blood, cells and organs. Digestive
problems. Celery relieves digestive disorders. Most digestive problems begin
with issues with the deficiency of sodium. You see sodium helps to produce
something called hydrochloric acid which helps your stomach to break down the
proteins and foods you’ve eaten, however, if you have a deficiency of nutrients such as
sodium, your stomach can not produce enough hydrochloric acid and you’ll find
that you wind up with a lot of digestive issues such as bloating, constipation,
acid reflux, well, some of these digestive enzymes can help to heal your gut. It
helps your liver to produce more bile and its mineral salts help your stomach
to produce more hydrochloric acid which will relieve a lot of those digestive
disorders. Antioxidant properties. Antioxidants
protects your cells and your organs from oxidative stress and this powerful plant,
celery, contains more than 12 antioxidant nutrients that protects your body from
unwanted oxidative damage to all of the critical organs and cells in your body.
The antioxidants and celery help to defuse toxic heavy metals. Got a question for you.
Did you know that brain fog, memory loss, bipolar, ADHD, anxiety and depression have
all been linked to toxic heavy metals such as aluminum, mercury, lead, cadmium,
arsenic, nickel, and much more? So eating celery and drinking its juice will help
to remove those toxic heavy metals from your body. Cleansing the liver. I bet you that you
have no idea how powerful your liver is to your everyday life. Your liver is
quite a good digestive system and this has a role that is just important as
your brain. Your liver is the largest solid organ and the largest gland in the
human body and it carries out over 500 critical tasks, critical jobs every day
for you. Medical news today actually says delivers major functions are in the
metabolic processes of the body which would include balancing energy
metabolism by converting glycogen to glucose and storing extra glucose by
converting it to glycogen. And I don’t want to use too many big words to confuse you,
but it also makes toxin less harmful to the body and it removes toxins from your
bloodstream. Your liver has a fantastic memory and it knows when to store, when
to release, when to break down and when to convert certain substances when
needed, but more importantly disease and many
health issues are caused by an overloaded liver, digestive issues, high
blood pressure, autoimmune deficiencies, depression, weight gain, adrenal problems,
inflammation, yeast infections, constipation, cancer, diabetes, skin
problems, hormonal problems, allergies SIBO, fatigue, UTIs, and other chronic
illnesses has been associated with an overloaded toxic liver.
However, celery and its juice can improve liver function and that’s because it is
a powerful liver cleanser. It will clean out all the yuck and disgusting buildups
around your liver. Celery and its juice stabilizes your liver making you feel
better and healthy. Endocrine issues. Anyone suffering from an
autoimmune disorder is usually dealing with an endocrine issue and celery and
its juice have plant hormones that help to balance the endocrine glands. So a
sufferer of problems with the thyroid, adrenal glands, or even your reproductive
systems, this could actually give you some relief. This plant and the plant hormones can definitely help. Acidosis. Celery alkalizes your bloodstream
reducing acidosis. So let me tell you what acidosis is. Acidosis is when your
body and your blood has too much acid in it. Your kidneys and your lungs keeps
your body’s pH balanced, however, with acidosis your kidney and your lungs
can’t keep your body’s pH in proper balance and this imbalance of your pH it
usually comes from eating too much processed foods, too much fatty foods and
drinking too much hard liquor, but drinking celery juice
will actually help to bring the pH to your body and make you more healthy. And
here’s a side note if you’re allergic to celery or need an alternative, you can
use cucumber. Cucumber makes for a great alternative because it also is an
amazing body cleanser. You’ll need to take two whole cucumbers and juice that
down and it would make you a full glass. Now remember I said earlier that some say
that you have to juice the celery to receive its benefits? However, I’ve seen
it my family have seen it, my clients have seen that just eating the stalks
daily can help and if you do that you need to eat or drink it first thing in
the morning on an empty stomach and if you juice it you want to juice the whole
bunch because a whole bunch of celery will make you 16 ounces of juice. Now
don’t mix it with anything. No fruit juice, no vegetables, nothing, as this is
going to dilute its potency and its nutrients. Now I suggest to not start
with the 16 ounces. Start with maybe six or eight ounces of juice as 16 ounces
could be too much for your body and could cause diarrhea because it’s
flushing out the toxins too quickly from your liver. Okay, so I want you all
to love celery juice as much as I have. As a hair loss specialist, celery juice,
its nutrients, its enzymes, everything about it has been helping people with
their hair, their body, their health, everything. So now I’m going to challenge
you. I want to do a ten day challenge for all of you who never tried celery, the
stalks on the juice, and I want you to try it, just try it for ten straight days
and after ten days I want to hear back from you I want you to tell me what has
changed in your health and your body and your skin and your energy and so many
different things that’s what I want from you so I challenge you to try the celery,
try the juice, and then in seven to ten days I want you to email me and we’re
going to have another discussion. After that I’m going to be doing a giveaway
for a big juicer. I’ll see you in the next video.

10 Replies to “7 Benefits of Celery Juice For Your Health & Your Hair”

  • I've been hearing so many wonderful things about celery juice, now I think I'm going to take this challenge and see how it works for me.

  • Happy Thursday Miss Debbie, I will do this challenge and I will let you know when the ten days is over. I will be buying celery tomorrow or at least buy more I already have two stalks in my refrigerator lol.. thanks for sharing this video šŸ’žšŸŒŗ TOODLES šŸ˜

  • Thanks Ms Debbie Iā€™m gonna give the 10 day celery challenge a try Iā€™m here for it and my body can sure use a good cleanse thanks for the advice we love the tips you share with us

  • I have been drinking celery juice on an empty stomach since January of this year. I must say it truly helps you heal slowly but surely. It has also made me more disciplined, as I get up early to juice & wash everything in the morning before going to work. I actually hate the days that I do not get to drink it.
    The main reason I started was because my hair was falling out. Trying this along with changing my eating habits & doing the rice & onion water has helped massively!

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