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60 Second Stretches to Get Knots from Shoulders, Upper Back, & Traps

60 Second Stretches to Get Knots from Shoulders, Upper Back, & Traps

♪ Bob and Brad the two most famous ♪ ♪ physical therapists on the internet ♪ -Hi folks, I’m Bob Schrupp physical therapist
-Brad Heineck physical therapist. Together we are the most famous physical therapists on the internet In our opinion of course Bob 60-second stretches to get the knots from your shoulders and your traps and your upper back -You know -It’s a kind a tension area of the body for a lot of people
-Right -Shows up there doesn’t it?
-It’s tight -And we know you don’t have time for this. You don’t have time for pain
-Right -So we’re going to give you this fast ones you can do with you throughout the day -It’s not fun -It wastes time.
-Right -It gets you ornery
-We don’t need that I’m glad you said ornery not… [laughs] whatever -By the way we have a couple new people out there there
-There they are Hi, Welcome to our channel Please take a second to subscribe to us We have a subscription button there or there and we provide videos on stay healthy fit pain-free, and we upload every day
-Excellent Here we go. First one Brad is just a simple one This is the one you can do through all today Not only does it kind of release the tension a little bit -But it puts you in good posture
-Sure So what you do is. You’re gonna bring your shoulders up, you’re going to bring them back, and you’re going to squeeze them together. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… and relax Up… -back, squeeze together 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… and down
-So we have to go like this? -It helps
[Brad laughs] It does
[Bob laughs] I just wondered, let me clarify it Bob! Alright next one, Brad, this one’s a little more complicated -so you’re gonna have to follow along okay?
-Yeah, I’ll do it. -So you’re gonna elevate the shoulder…
-Oh, this one. Yeah, this one. He doesn’t even like this one I don’t think Elevate the shoulder, bring it back bring the neck back, ear to shoulder, and then turn away.
Then tighten while you’re doing it. So it’s tightening all these muscles that are already tight, and the idea is if you tighten them up You’re maximally– you fatigue it out.
You’re trying to fatigue it. -Then it will relax afterwards Ok, I’ll do this one 1 more time on this side So you’re going to bring the shoulder up, back, neck back, ear to shoulder, turn away, tighten. -You’re turning away from this.
-Yeah, So okay. Yeah… -Gotta make the face too, Brad.
-And make the face. Oh, yeah! So we’re going to do the other one now Shoulder up, back, neck back, ear to shoulder, and tighten. Yeah -There’s a lot yeah a little-
-Little turns twists and twists -We’ll have a test on that next week
-All right another one is, again, this one works for posture but it also…a lot of times the knots are coming from the neck -Sure And so we want you to do some chin tucks. We’ve shown these a million times, haven’t we Brad? -Well at least million -We sound like a broken record
-Yeah, the old standby Chin tucks, and then you’re going to go ahead and work on some extension, too ‘cuz that’s a lot of times that will help relieve it, and if not… if that doesn’t feel good, you might do it with at towel. Oh I’ve brought a towel over here already. -Oh, Bob. Thank you! I knew you’d get something for me. [laughs] Yeah Again, yeah, it may not seem like it, but sometimes– and it may not be immediate, but– you keep doing these, and you may find out over a day or two that it starts taking the knots out of your shoulders. And if nothing else, it’s good for your neck and it’s also good for your posture -If for some reason you do that, and you get some sharp pains, or get some other unusual pains, then it may not be for you, but for majority of people it’s going to be fine -Now this is the one, I’ve said many times, this is the one that’s worked for me.
Especially if I start if I start getting some pain up in here I do the chin tuck, and I bend to that side, and that’s all I do, and I do it repeatedly. You know, like I’ll do it every hour, you know, 10 to 15 times And I know, I have a feeling people are going to say they’re going to do that, but they say yeah But it’s stretching the muscle over here Yeah, and that’s not the idea. We’re working on the joints of the neck -and that may be what’s sending the pain down into your neck
-Exactly I wouldn’t do it any of these if they really start to hurt, like I wouldn’t be doing these into the pain range and these, too. -If this makes it worse, stop.
-Right -and you might even try the other direction then
-I mean you could go a couple, three times and it may still be irritable, but after that it should start clearly improving -Right, but you want to say, “Oh that it the answer, isn’t it? That really that feels better when I do that.” -With a smile on your face Alright, next one, Brad, this is one you probably can’t do in the office very easy I don’t know, maybe I don’t know what your office is like. Maybe you can do it. -I’ve got a plinth
[laughs] -We’re going to do cat and camel here, so… -Some people are going to call this else, but we’re sticking with cat and camel on this, right? -What do they call it?
-Well– I always get confused and I always apologize to the yoga people, but we’re going to call this the cat and camel -Oh, they have a name for it, huh?
-Right, we’re doing it wrong to them. -And to really excessively do it, you want to go ahead and go head down, and then head up like this. -Yep. it’s kind hard to see here with Bob’s shirt, but if we pull it down… You know, he’s getting that arch in the back.
We’re getting full range of motion throughout the back Quite often, some of that– knots can be coming from the mid-back, the thoracic area, so you want to go ahead and do that. I would say even extensions over– over, you know, on the hallelujah stretch.
Over the– We should probably have a ball though, shouldn’t we? -There you go.
-Oh my God, Bob. Why? [laughing] -You were hoping you didn’t have to use it
-He always doesn’t tell me, so I could get the real ball I just have to use the the one that– It’s a therapy for Bob though, because he– He knows the Packers are gonna win, and beat the Vikings this year -They’re a football team in case you don’t know
-This is actually– it works good this Packers ball -I told you, it’s actually– it’s a good ball for it
-One that won’t work good is like a basketball or something like hard like– You need something with some squish to it -This actually is a really good one for knots, Brad, because you can work it up and down the spine and get the different different areas -Exactly
-So it works out quite well. Alright, where we are?
Next one. Let’s go ahead and do the wall ones. Lani, can you get it adjusted over here? Again this works on posture, and believe it– You know, quite often posture is the problem with– knots. So, this is tightening up all the muscles, strengthening, the muscles and hopefully, maybe giving you some relief.
You can just to wall angels. So, you’re gonna bring them up.. and then down. -This isn’t saying that Bob is an angel, but anyway– any means But you know, it’s good to try See you’re getting those… -Yeah, it’s really is stretching everything too, I’ll tell ya. These feel better than you think they do, Brad. [Brad]
-Oh, I believe it alright. [Brad] I’ll try yeah
[Bob] Yeah, try it! Oh gosh, yeah ‘Cuz this is one– I’ve got those tight shoulders, you know. This is pretty challenging for me, but I should probably do this more. I’ve been working on my pull-ups, Bob [Bob] Yeah, those are great. I actually like this the feel of these. -Yeah, it definitely works. It’s a good option. -Another one, you can just put your hands behind your head, elbows to the wall, and you’re gonna go ahead and stretch like this… -This is a really nice one for that thoracic area. -Again, you find out which ones work for you, and those are the ones you do. -Right, exactly
-Which ones you like -You got the ball and the sock, Brad?
-Oh, of course, Bob You want to show that one?
[laughs] -rather than whip it at me?
-So what we have is a lacrosse ball. A tennis ball works just as well Depends on what you like.
Your lacrosse ball’s a bit harder, a little more aggressive but the reason you put in the sock is not to use it for a weapon, but… To put it on your back, and you’re going to put it over that muscle right there. Get it over that trigger point, and between the wall and that trigger point is the ball, and The sock is just so you can position it, and once it’s there you don’t need the sock. And right there, I’m on it. [Bob] Yup
[Brad] And once you get on it you can feel it [Bob] You can kind of massage the area like that or you can just put the pressure on it and– hold it and try to–
-Stop talking, Bob. I’m really hitting a spot right now. [Brad] It really does
[Bob] Sorry to bother you, Brad, while you’re going through your– [Brad] It does get it good, though. [Bob] Yeah it does. Hit’s the spot.
[Brad] I got to get up over here– Let’s go to the next one.
I could be here all day Next, one foam roller… this is a really nice foam roller from OPTP Did I get that plug in good, Brad?
-Yeah, it really is This– it’s a little softer– of a foam roller -It’s the softest one I’ve seen.
-It’s– let me– -I think they make one a little softer than that That might be the medium density.
I think to have a low one, too. -This is like a rubber, almost.
-Yeah I mean look at the color, Bob.
It makes you smile. So, you can definitely work… things you can lift up the butt and really work, you know, the upper shoulders here and work down into this range in here. -They make a higher density -That’s what this one is– it’s notably harder, and it’s a little more aggressive and some people do like that. -But– Do you do this one, Brad?
Do you just lie on the roller? [Brad] Yup. I like that lying one.
It’s very relaxing [Bob] and this, by the way, is also from OPTP
It’s called the Pro Roller Arch This works nice for this type of… activity. I will– I will do the roll just like you did, Bob on my upper back
-Sure -and this is what I like the 3-foot one, because This is one of those things that– When things are– you just want to relax and let the posture go back like this and I usually go without this [Bob] Yeah, you don’t even need the arch, do you? [Brad] There are people that are going to find that that’s a little too far down on the head, and putting that in there is more comfortable. [Bob]Yeah, you would actually look better without it.
[Brad] Oh, thank you [Bob laughing] [Brad] No, for me– I like it down like this I can do my chin tucks a little bit there, and I’ll just lay here and listen to the music, or whatever, for a couple minutes at least [Bob] This is good for thoracic outlet.
[Brad] Yeah, it just let those shoulders go back, and keeps that spine in good alignment. -So, there you go
-Alright A couple more products.
We thought that we finish up with products, you know, that may be helpful. This is the Backnobber, I believe.
-Yep and there’s also Theracane We’re not you know particular to one type of cane [Brad] They both work well [Bob] This– I really like these things.
I keep on around the house. In fact, we have one of the Theracanes around here and– My other therapist was is saying that he thinks nursing came and got it [laughs] They’ll come and get it–
and you can just– you can hit the spot You can hit the spot and even work on turning while you do it. It seems to help– I know you like to really, like, lay down and crank on it don’t you, Brad? -You get underneath like this? -Yeah, I don’t have one of those at home, but if I want to get into something, that’s what I’ll do -Like this, this you can really leverage it.
-Lay right down flat once, Bob. I’ll let you do it, if you… I’m not sure how you do it. Oh, I see.
You’re getting a low back on that one, too. Well– but it can go either way But, you know, it just takes a– oof
just a little bit I mean, you get a lot of leverage there. Wow. This is much more aggressive than the ball on the wall, but if I hold that there for a while, it starting to relax good. That’s the key to this stuff.
Okay. [Bob] Alright, well, we’re coming to the end here, Brad. I think that’s enough things for people to try.
Hopefully one of them will work, and remember Brad and I can fix just about anything Yeah, except for that– Oh yeah, the broken heart.
There it is -There it is!
-Let’s hook it! [laughing] Alright, thanks for watching

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