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6 Enzyme Rich Foods That Improve Digestive Health, Balance Hormones & Slow Aging

6 Enzyme Rich Foods That Improve Digestive Health, Balance Hormones & Slow Aging

Protease, Lipase, Amylase and Gelatinase. No, those aren’t paleontological periods
of time. Rather they are the four classes of digestive
enzymes in our bodies. They’re responsible for stimulating the
chemical reactions that take place during digestion. It would be an understatement to say that
they are an important piece of our overall health and well-being. They are extremely important for avoiding
illnesses, as well as getting over them. Enzymes are mostly proteins, but some are
made up of both protein and non-protein material. But, what happens if you don’t have enough
enzymes in your body? It can lead to lethargy and anemia. Too much sugar and artificial ingredients
in our foods can bring about an enzyme deficiency. Medications can also strip us of these ever-important
reactors. So what should you do to avoid such a drop
in enzymes? Make sure that you have an enzyme-rich diet,
by adding the following foods to your weekly grocery list. Avocados
High in what’s often called “good fat”, avocados contain lipase that helps the body
break down fat. Studies point to the ability of lipase to
relieve heartburn as well. So, it’s a great idea to dice up this trendy
fruit, that helps in digestion and promotes healthy skin. Pineapples
Another fruit that has a rough exterior but a fantastic taste, is high in enzymes. The pineapple has anti-inflammatory properties,
serves as a coagulant, and fights the growth of some tumors. It can however be highly acidic, so don’t
overdo it. Bananas
You won’t need a knife to peel this fruit, but that doesn’t mean it lacks in enzymes. It doubles up in that department, containing
both maltase and amylase. Maltase breaks down sugar in our bodies, while
amylase breaks down carbs. One begins working as soon as we start chewing
the banana, and the other kicks in shortly thereafter. If you’re rundown or find yourself quickly
tired out, a banana could be the pick-me-up you need. Papayas
Papain, or papaya proteinase, is a cysteine protease enzyme, present in the tropical fruit
known as the papaya. Papain is one of the most powerful enzymes
found in the digestive process, that breaks down proteins, including the meat that we
eat. Papayas have a soft texture with a sweet taste,
but can be greatly beneficial on the enzymatic level. Sauerkraut
Non-pasteurized sauerkraut has a ton of health benefits—including probiotics. The enzymes present in this fermented food
join forces with the good bacteria producing probiotics, to maintain a healthy and balanced
digestive tract. Try other fermented vegetables for variety
while preserving your much-needed enzyme intake. Sprouts
When beans begin to grow, they sprout, and in doing so, they release all kinds of vitamins
and minerals. They also mobilize the enzymes that have been
lying dormant in the beans or nuts. These raw foods, like soy bean sprouts or
alfalfa sprouts allow our bodies to benefit from the process that nature has already unlocked
for us. Part of the digestive process is done once
the beans become sprouts, because the enzymes are mobilized.

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