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21 DIY Home Remedies for Cough

21 DIY Home Remedies for Cough

Twenty-one DIY home remedies for COFF COFF is an infection of the upper respiratory tract can cause swelling and irritation of the upper Airways Although it is a common health problem in everyone but not serious offends in a week or ten days Cough occurs when there is a blockage or irritation in your throat or upper air passages It is because of common cold flu viral infections smoking or other health problems If she throat chest pain sore throat congestion Feverish is some of the symptoms of cough, which will irritate you Generally, they are two types of coughs first one is wet or productive cough which yields mucus and is caused by cold allergies and other respiratory problems Second one is dry or unproductive cough Which is caused by cold cigarette smoke dust fumes and other forms of irritation here both remedies for both the types of cough are mentioned go for these natural homemade remedies Which cures your cough naturally rather than over-the-counter medicines and syrups which causes harm to your body and brain Home remedies for cough home remedies are simple and effective Treatments which can cure the problem without any side effects to your body and mind So go for these natural remedies to cure your cough one saltwater gargle salt water helps to draw the excess fluids from the inflamed areas in the throat to reduce the COFF Gargling helps to remove irritants in the throat and thins the mucus ingredients 2 teaspoon of salt a glass of warm water process mix the salt in a glass of warm water Use this as a mouthwash to gargle your mouth It reduces the soreness in your throat and then cough Do it for three to four times a day to get rid of the sore throat and cough 2 garlic and honey. It has both antibacterial and antimicrobial Components which help to treat cough, honey will soothe the irritation remedy 1 ingredients 2 to 3 cloves of garlic cup of water one teaspoon of oregano 1 teaspoon of honey Process take 2 3 cloves of garlic boil it in a cup of water then add teaspoon of oregano Allow it to cool for some time to reach room temperature add some honey into it Drink this liquid for at least twice for a day. This process will help you in breathing and reduces the cough symptoms remedy two ingredients – 3 cloves of garlic few drops of clove oil one teaspoon of honey process take the cloves of crushed garlic Mix it with few drops of clove oil add honey to it to get relief from sore throat, eat it regularly Until you get relief from the cough and it’s symptoms or you can simply take garlic in your cooking 3 onions Onions are rich in sulfur that are highly antibacterial which helps to cure the cough remedy one ingredients 2 sliced onions 1 cup of water 1/2 cup of honey Process take onions and water into a glass. Pyrex pan bake it at 250 degrees in the oven for 30 minutes Take it out and pour the juice from pan then add honey to the juice mix it well until the honey dissolves in it Drink it daily to get relief from the dry cough remedy 2 ingredients 1/2 TSP of onion juice 1 TSP of pure, honey Process take onion juice and mix it. Well pure, honey Swallow this solution at least twice a day. It helps to alleviate cough and soothe your throat for hot milk and honey hot milk with honey will give relief from the dry cough and reduces chest pain which comes from continuous coughing ingredients 1 glass of hot milk 1 teaspoon of honey Process take 1 glass of hot milk add honey in it and mix it well Drink it to get relief from coughing It’s better to take it while going to sleep 5 cayenne pepper It can desensitize the tickling and reduce the coughing It reduces the chest pain caused by continuous coughing remedy one ingredients 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper 1/4 teaspoon of ground ginger 1 tablespoon of honey 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar 2 tablespoons of water process mix all the ingredients to make a cough syrup Drink this syrup two to three times a day to get relief from the cough do this regularly until you get rid of the cough remedy 2 ingredients 1/4 teaspoon of dried cayenne pepper 1 or 2 cups of cold or warm water as per your comfort process take the dried cayenne pepper powder Stir it in a cup or 2 cups of water. Sip it slowly to get relief from the coffin dits symptoms 6 carrot juice Carrots are rich in vitamins and nutrients which helped to build immunity to prevent from the cold cough Ingredients 5 to 6 carrots few drops of water 1 teaspoon of honey process take fresh carrots and make it juice with the help of mixture and blender add water to dilute it to Enhance the taste add 1 teaspoon of honey to it drink it three to four times a day Take it regularly until you get relief from the cough and it’s symptoms 7 ginger ginger helps in promoting the salivation and mucus secretion which gives relief from the cough symptoms remedy 1 ingredients 1 teaspoon of ground ginger 1 teaspoon of honey Process take a TSP of ginger mix it well with honey Drink it for 3 times a day to get relief from chronic cough remedy 2 ingredients ginger cup of water Process take fresh ginger and cut it into small slices Crush them slightly take a cup of water and pour the ginger slices in it boil it for a few minutes now Drink this herbal solution for 3 to 4 times a day. It will give relief from the sore throat coughing as well as congestion remedy three ingredients take fresh raw ginger Process take a fresh raw ginger clean it. Well chew it on and off throughout the day It reduces the coffin dits symptoms eight lemon and honey Lemon is rich in vitamin C and honey can soothe the throat which helps to prevent the cough remedy one ingredients juice of half of fresh lemon a glass of hot water 1/2 teaspoon of honey Process take a mug and pour hot water into it stir the lemon juice then add honey to it Mix it well and drink it slowly or you can just mix the lemon juice and honey Heat it for a few minutes and take this syrup But taking it with hot water causes you to sweat and rid of the virus that causes the cough Take this syrup to reduce your cough remedy two ingredients small piece of ginger honey lemon juice Process take all the ingredients make a tea with these ingredients Drink this tea as often as you like this D helps to reduce your cough and it’s symptoms remedy three Ingredients fresh lemon juice a little bit of honey Process take fresh lemon juice add a little bit of honey to it Then add a pinch of cayenne pepper mix it well until all dissolves completely Drink it slowly and regularly 9 honey, and green tea green tea gives you the necessary vitamins Which helped to build the immune system to get rid of the virus faster, honey. Also helps to reduce the COFF ingredients one tablespoon of honey mug of green tea process take a mug of green tea add a tablespoon of honey into it mix it well and sip it if necessary repeat the process 10 honey butter and vinegar butter soothes your throat Honey is a cough suppressant and vinegar is an antiseptic all this works. Well to get relief from the cough ingredients small pad of butter one teaspoon of honey teaspoon of vinegar Process take a small pat of butter in a plate add honey and vinegar Mix it well to make it like a fine paste eat this piece to prevent the COFF 11 mustard seeds Mustard seeds contain sulfur which stimulates the flow of mucus it helps to get wet cough ingredients few mustard seeds cup of warm water Process take mustard seeds and break it into small pieces Allow it to soak in water for about 15 minutes Strain it and crush it to form 1 teaspoon of mustard seeds now put this in a cup of warm water Allow it to sit for about 15 minutes then drink this solution which will give your relief from the pain 12 pepper pepper is very helpful to those who suffer from cough due to thick mucus It helps to stimulate the circulation and flow of mucus in the airways remedy one ingredients one teaspoon of black pepper 1 tablespoon of honey cup of boiling water or milk Process take black pepper into a cup add honey to sweeten it then pour boiling water or milk Steep it for about 10 to 15 minutes Stir it and sip it slowly Process has to be repeated to prevent the cough remedy 2 Ingredients fresh lemon cut it in 1/4 pieces black pepper powder a pinch of salt process take quarter of fresh lemon Sprinkle it with black pepper powder and salt suck on it to get quick relief from the cough 13-time thyme and peppermint has Antimicrobial and anti spasmodic properties to get relief from hacking cough both These will help to clear the congested air passages Mullen and liquorice will soothe irritation of membranes and thus reduces the inflammation remedy one Ingredients 2 TSP of all that is dried thyme peppermint Mullen licorice root one cup of boiling water 1/2 cup of honey Process take all the ingredients except honey. Mix it well in a cup of boiling water Cover it and let it sit for about 30 minutes now strain the solution add honey to it And if honey doesn’t dissolves in it heat the solution Lightly take 1 teaspoon whenever get coffee which helps to get relief from the coffe Store the remaining in a container and put it in the refrigerator repeat the process whenever you have cough remedy – 2 ingredients 2 TSP of crushed leaves 1 cup of boiling water Process take crushed leaves of time pour it in boiling water cover it and steep it for 10 minutes strain the tea to drink slowly 14 slippery elm slippery elm contains gel-like substances Which helps to ease the throat from irritation and make your cough to get reduced It is mainly useful for dry cough ingredients slippery elm water Process make tea with slippery elm and water Drink it twice a day to prevent the cough Or simply suck the lozenges made of slippery elm or even candy is to prevent the cough 15 mullen tea it acts as an expectorant and loosens trap mucus to prevent the coughing greedy n’t write mullen herb cup of water strength

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