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20 Minute HIIT Home Cardio Workout Without Equipment – Full Body HIIT Workout No Equipment at Home

20 Minute HIIT Home Cardio Workout Without Equipment – Full Body HIIT Workout No Equipment at Home

hey everyone it’s your personal trainer
coach Kozak and I’m Claude yet this is a 20 Minute HIIT Home Cardio Workout Without Equipment Full Body HIIT Workout No Equipment at Home cardio hit workout without equipment
this workouts great for beginner all the way through advanced trainees because
we’re going to provide modifications along the way we’re going to do the
whole workout with you like always no real equipment needed for this one but
you may want a mat for comfort or a chair step or box for a couple of
modifications again not required but you may feel that you need it all right
we’re gonna go get into this thing I don’t know how excited I am here you
know what is gonna be a doozy I hope you ready we’re getting started with a
predator jack or a seal Jack you decide which one is right for you today we’re
gonna open up your arms and I’m jumping forward dropping down where quality is
basically doing a modified jumping jack I want you to breathe throw every
movement today we’re not counting any reps so I want you to work at your own
pace and we’re just getting as many in in a lot of time period as possible and
if you notice my arms guys I’m cute my elbows close to my body so none of this
wide elbow movement just keep it nice and tight
exactly nice work not much left on this first one already burning those legs out
and five four three two one and done okay we’re going to the ground for the
next one I’m grabbing a mat for my knees and we’re gonna do from a high plank
position high plank hot hands so it’s like a hot feet quick feet but only with
your hands right so bring your hands up about one to two inches up off the
ground keep your core tight I just want you to move your hands as fast as you
can hot hands you decide whether you’re on your knees like Claudia or if you’re
up in the high plank position like me but either way I want you to keep that
core nice and tight good work guys keep it up breathe moving moving moving you
got it you got it breathe stick and move stick and move
here we go let’s go ten more seconds on this one how many can you get the next
whoo 5 4 3 2 1 we’re up on our feet into a pogo jump I’m going to do a one foot
pogo jump lottie’s going to do two what is this
it’s just heel elevated off the ground all balls of the feet no heel contact
stay light and breathe good you decide which variety is right for you doing a
one-foot we’re going to switch here and three two one switch otherwise just go
ahead and continue pick you’re a pogo stick bouncing up and down nice and fast
there you go hot feet quick light touches that’s what it’s all about
give neighbors underneath you I don’t want them to hear you good three let’s
go five more seconds on this one that’s it almost there and three two one
zero going in some crab kicks next you’re
going to get personal favorites not at all actually crab position and we’re
either gonna kick individually or explosive dynamic kicks you decide which
one is right for you today good breathe keep a little bend in those elbows going
all the way locked I’ll never go good that’s one sitting a lot of different
body parts all at one time good I was gonna try to give this one to
Claudia earlier haha she wouldn’t have a daughter no come on let’s go guys you
got it you got to keep pushing not much time left on this one let’s go five more
seconds three two one nice we’re up we’re going to do a high knee to Burpee
one two three four five six or a modified or you’re just gonna go one two
three four five six and then hands on a box and come on out now it’s too much
for you go ahead and for your modified just step
out and step out and come back up so it’s all about making this workout your
own so we gave you three different versions of this Burpee you decide which
one is right for you today so this is the one movement as you see you may want
a chair step or box whoo nice yeah breathe one two three four five six and
up no let’s go I know since kicking my butt – almost there
five four three two one nice okay we’re getting down into a high
plank position next for some T rotations here they’re doing this one from your
knees or from up top and a high plank position coming from that plank position
twisting tire body together twisting that core keeping it nice and straight
reaching up we decide which one of these two is going to be right for you today
but I want to make sure you keep your hips up nice and ah so your back is nice
and straight at the same time you don’t want your butt way up in the air either
and for this movement on the modified one I’m happening to leave both of my
knees down onto the mat so this T rotation but if you feel more
comfortable I mean all the way up and bringing one knee up off of the mat then
go ahead and do so making sure to breathe throughout though this is
definitely one that becomes easy to hold your breath I’ll mess you up especially
with all these other crazy workouts we’re doing along the way all right
let’s hit it for five four three two one and we’re up alright we’re either going
into a split squat jump or a split jump you decide which one’s right for you
we’re swinging our arms back using her arms as momentum to jump and to switch
but you’ll see I’m dropping that back knee all the way down and I’m just going
into a little bit of a quarter squat yeah she just keeping soft knees or I’m
actually squatting down I am using my arms like that as that
mentum to move on up hey get that power from your arms and if you see my balance
is a little wobbly tonight just find a something to focus your eyes on if
you’re just doing these split jumps nice work almost there let’s go five more
seconds on this one four three two one nice okay we’re going into a bear plank
position which is on all fours I’m gonna do a bear plank walk out like Claudia is
gonna do a bear plank step back so I’m walking out my hands which still feels
pretty terrible after those split jumps either way your legs are gonna be
feeling it after this one and if you’re not feeling either right now you can
just hold the position again make this workout your own come back do it off and
get a little bit better every time that’s what it’s all about
nice work come on keep it up guys I know it’s hurting doing great we’re
hurting there with you walking out good five four three two one and we’re up
we’re gonna go a speed bag Plus either run in place or speed back run forward
and back I just got fast feet over here see we’re rotating at the elbows on nice
little circles right good seeing under control those arms moving faster and I
want you to switch other way so if you’re going forward now come back with
your hands punch in the opposite direction
good come on keep it up guys keep it up push it push it
what do you got put it out there nice not much left five four three two one
all right here we go I got knee tucks oh man claudia has squat jumps you decide
which one is right for you either way I want you to land softly with your weight
in your hips every time good big power and
you got exploding up and soft landings good you got it little bending those
knees but back big power up good keep it going let’s go ten more seconds almost
there almost there fight guys you’re a fighter
not a quitter right here right here and three two one
nice work end of the first round okay excellent work so far was just a quick
break only 20 seconds so if you need some water
now’s the time to grab it hurry it up we’re going hard and fast today so we’re
halfway done you’re halfway there we’re getting ready to start up again in
just five more seconds doing these predator Jack’s cloudy is doing the seal
Jack’s here we go two one hit nice and now that you’re a little more familiar
with all these movements we’re going to go through them just that much faster
that means less down time in between sets I want you to push yourself and
hope you they’re right with you pushing ourselves every step of the way nice
dropping that weight in your hips if you’re doing this one stay in lighting
on the balls of the feet you’re doing that seal Jack Bri working out every
single body part today nothing’s getting left behind
you got us go ten more seconds that’s it just 10 more seconds almost there and
five four three two one zero we’re going to the ground for the next one we got
those high plank hot hands you decide if you’re on your knees or if you’re up top
doesn’t matter to me but get moving if any one of these maybe you start off
with the harder modification and you got to drop to the second version second
round well vice versa or vice versa you want to pick it up a notch I don’t like
this is too easy go ahead bring it on up exactly make
this workout your own Fitness is not a one-size-fits-all solution so we try to
give you as many options as possible make it your own you can see the growth
and the different progressions feel yourself getting better come on let’s go
up hands hot hands what do you got guys what do you got put it out there good breathe keep that core nice and tight at
that time to work out yeah I start thinking about what those outcomes are
what you’re looking to achieve why are you here what are your goals what’s it
gonna take to achieve them let’s think about it focus on it we got five four
three two one and we’re up I got that one leg Pogo Claudia’s using both I’m
the sweat starting to kick in over here for me alrighty give my wife a shower
say light and on the balls of the feet making sure to breathe good that pace a
little bit the last one of these Pogo or jumps you get exactly every movement
we’re doing from here on out is the last time you’re doing fine so don’t save
anything switch other foot you’re using give us all you got ha ha put it all out
there good breathe whatever you do don’t hit that pause button don’t say aah
one round is good I’ll see you guys later
push yourself you’re better than that don’t cheat yourself you’re not cheating
us right only cheating yourself you’re better than that let’s go come on let’s
go four five four three two one we’re down the ground in a crab position I’m
doing these explosive crab jumps Claudia’s doing the steps
aah Reed on this one guys pick up that pace on this one if you’re
doing my version push yourself a little bit more than you did that first round
that’s right I don’t get more familiar with the movement time to kick it up
good push yourself because nobody can do it for you you versus you it’s just all
one big giant mental game really all it is yep
come on guys come on get after it how bad do you want it
got to work for if you want it not going to come to you that’s for sure
I wish come on let’s go let’s go let’s go and five four three two one
we’re up on our feet oh we got either high knee Burpee
we’re running play smart Burpee you decide which one’s gonna be right for
you we’re doing this high knees get them up
I know it gets harder to get them up when you get tired I’m right there with
you but come on let’s go push ourselves tap into that mental strength that I
know you have behind beyond just that physical it’s in your head ah right here
come on good after guys get after let’s go five more seconds last one two one
zero nice alright we’re going back to the ground for those teeth rotations
high plank position and we rotate rotate side to side that high plank position
core stays tight back is straight and your money come on let’s go work it guys
work it we don’t have much left over 75% of the way through this one doing so
great keep it up don’t give up keep pushing
keep fighting try to get a few more rotations out of this one that’s right
pick it up we’ve got the movement down don’t hold back don’t save anything
treat each round like it’s your last one I want you to empty that tank out today
put it all out there think about how great you’re gonna feel when this
workout is all said and done maybe you can even convince one of your friends
spouse partner or whatever to do this one with you it’s sometime come on let’s
go you know after guys get after it how
many left on this one not many left let’s go ten more seconds that’s it
pushing the patient good breathe breathe four five four three two one okay time
to burn those legs out mine every done after this Oh split squat jumps or just
the switch jobs you decide get those arms swinging use that momentum to help
propel you up good breathe and stay focused go to your happy place on these
what are you looking to achieve what’s your outcome what are your goals
not just fitness but in life user says your time to focus on is this as your
time figure out what your plan is how you’re gonna attack them each day
getting a little closer let’s go a little closer every jump nice five four
three two one over to the ground the airplane position
we’ve got bear plank walk out warp airplane step back hi-oh starting a
little slippery over here on my side that’s okay
means I’m doing my job right come on let’s go guys let’s go burn it out it
says for you today not for anybody else not for what anybody thinks about you
well you don’t want them to think about you and instead it’s for you impress
yourself exceed your own expectations right here let’s go on come on you got
it you got it thanks for the pep talk coach you’re welcome it was luck trying
to get through these setbacks here five four three two one rough blows feedback
it’s a speed bag come on let’s go keep those arms moving keep those arms up –
yeah well right in line with your face will do don’t punch yourself
come on let’s go of course if I did watch myself might take my mind off my
shoulders my legs my feel good oh just transfer the pain from your shoulders to
your face whenever that’s all you got it you got it
happy keep going let’s go not much whoa hey second to the last
moment guys almost are give me ten seconds that’s it just ten switch
opposites I forgot to reverse it reverse it reverse reverse a nice reverse it
five four three two one okay I got knee tucks Squatch arms this is okay this is
it stinks bud yeah you’re almost there you’ve been fast one you’ve been saving
it now’s the time to put it out there no more saving one to the next come on
come on let’s go what do you got impress yourself what do you got what do you got
let’s go big power every time you’re a powerhouse you’re a machine get after it
come on tell yourself that you could do this all day all day come on so strong
you are too strong you’re too strong let’s go you got it five four three two
one last one oh good oh man yeah nice work that’s like everything huh oh man
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we do this for you not for us right thank you for giving us the privilege to
serve you today I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next

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