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10 Minute Abs Workout for Beginners – 10 Min Easy Beginner Ab Workout for Women & Men at Home

10 Minute Abs Workout for Beginners – 10 Min Easy Beginner Ab Workout for Women & Men at Home

everybody it’s your personal trainer
coach Kozak here from hasfit been and today 10 Minute Abs Workout for Beginners 10 Min Easy Beginner Ab Workout for Women & Men at Home we’re going to do a true beginner AB
routine we’re going to do a modified version of a lot of harder exercises
that way you’ll gain the strength and fundamentals to achieve those movements
so like I said beginner routine today I’m going to do the whole thing with you
know who can require but you may want a mat for comfort ok let’s get right into
it we’re going to start with a modified hollow bodies going to go onto the
ground any type of you a hollow body you’re going to bring your chin up first
in every way that keeps your back flat on the ground now we’re going to have
your arms straight ahead and we’re going to keep your knees bent now your chin
remain stuck and you need to choose how hard it is by how much you stand your
legs so here’s it just a tabletop the result
would bed more you extending those legs the harder this movement gets you decide
at what point is right for you we’re doing a hole and we’re just going to
literally hold it here for 30 seconds so how about a hole you who decide what’s
right to keep your back lower back flat on the ground where do you do you keep
that chin tucked and your shoulder blades up off the ground as well
hold good hold them with you let’s give it 5 4 3 2 1
nice ok we’re going to sit up moving on to a modified sprinter so leaning back
on a 45 degree angle both knees are bent we’re going to move opposite arm and leg
bringing one knee up and the other arm up at the same time keep your knees and
arms both bent at a 90 degree angle you’re trying to lean back on this 45
that’s where it’s tough right this is definitely an easier version here
straight up and down what we’re trying to get to this 45 degree angle leaning
back you decide you can get all the way back there or if you need to be
somewhere in here totally cool either way we are beginners it’s okay everybody
had to be a beginner one point in time but we’re getting better a little bit
better every day every rep good keep it moving and five four three two one good
okay we’re going to get up into a kneeling position you can do what’s
called a kneeling chop so from your knees we’re going to reach to the side
with your knee up we’re going to rotate and reach up back down so we’re going to
do a chopping motion like we’re chopping right from one side to the next if you
like to you could hold some form of weight whether it’s a dumbbell medicine
bowl water bottle or just right here like I’m doing works as well you decide
where you’re at today good switch sides both
again starting on the side of that knee that’s up good breathe again as many
reps in as we can 15 seconds on each side going to take a little more time in
this first round to learn the movements and we’ll pick up the pace in that
second round and three two one go okay back to work our backs we go you’re
going to get into a split position with your legs split we’re going to have your
legs straight here or knees bent this versions easier and now we’re going to
bring reach crunch towards us breezing through so we interview leg straight and
reach crunch shoulder blades off the ground on a full set up for knees bent
and reach good like I said the one with these bends a little easier more
straighten those legs up the harder it’ll get so it’s easy for you to
progress this movement as you see fit keep it up you five more seconds of this
one push it through and three two one nice for the next one we’re moving on to
a knee bent man so sit down fingers are going to point back your hands behind us
we’re going to bring our knees up and we’re going to hold this tabletop
position now it’s a little easier you lean back further further you get more
condensed if you will or contracting knees up upper body up the harder it is
so these bent here easier so easy the easier more up here a little
harder version or trying to aim to and get to is right here but for today we’re
going to pose knees bent and read good just holding on this one this whole hold
and breathe good give you five more seconds on this one and four three two
one nice okay we’re turning over into a plank position we’re going to do a low
flame from the knees so from our forearms of the low plank on our knees
bring our hips down I don’t want your blood up in the air if instead hip down
make your back nice and flat I’m just going to hold back is straight
everything is straight this is too easy go you can come up into the full plank
feel free to do so or you can just hang out here today and
if this is a little too much you can come out into a high plank you decide
which one is right for you but we’re holding it turn another ten seconds just
hold good keep that core nice and tight axe Raider
down or up and three two one all right good price that’s the end of the first
round try to do this one more time fruit alright this could be a quick break and
we’re getting right back into it grab a quick drink of water if you need
it insert it in ten seconds right back those hollow body holes alright we’re back to it and five four
three two one sort chin is up lower back is on the ground hands are in front
knees are bent or if you’re feeling good you want to test yourself feel free to
strip those play with a pathway or all the way again key on this one those keep
that lower back on the ground do so go keep the chin up hope it’s a 30 second
set hold them breathe you got it you got it
keep breathing good in five four three two warm not
some years of up we’re going to get into that modified sprinter sort leaning back
three five your green opposite arm and leg work together you’ll notice I’m
keeping the pace up a little faster this round per try keep constant tension on
those ABS just really the key to good ad training is it keep constant tension on
them not let them get a rest longer right of the next so we’re going hard
and fast today but it will be worth kind of easy but it’s going to be worth
putting back on that 45 nice rubber you can sit up if you see car too hard
nice yourself five four three two one
okay back to the knees for that kneeling chops or about one knee the Ruvo
opposite side and reach it up and over nice just keeping the pace up on this
one one right into the net Craig it for emotions really reaching
back and forward for tight throughout and switch opposite side now go making
sure to breathe through up guys keep breathing very important anytime you’re
doing any type of exercise you gotta get out push through five four three two one
nice okay going to our backs we’re going to do that split and reach to Merritt
either split with your knees up or split with your legs straight you decide which
one is right for you today good essentially a crunch but we’re reaching
at the same time so just get those shoulder blades up off the ground and
out looking for a full sit-up push your shoulder blades in you’re
gonna breathe you’re gonna push them through guys think about your goal what
brought you here today why’d you started this workout a little closer every day
then go keep working out you got it in five four three two one nice here we’re
coming up and that bent-knee man so fingers are
going behind us a little easier versions back here a little harder is up here
more together your upper body lower body are harder this one is this kind of a
kind of code in between spot here breathe you gotta focus on this one
better you don’t really leave these as
symmetric movements that you have to do to your happy place
hold and breathe right through that iron fighting fruit you want to listen to it
hold you got you got your start whenever you’re stronger than ever
give me five more seconds pull three two one nice okay we turn it over we got
that point from our knees next and this is the last one right here
for the day come this bar and give up now everything that back straight old
you’re feeling froggy you want to jump right there there’s your spot you decide
which one is right to you today and then back next time think a little bit you
got a focus good job guys good job hold it hold it I’ll give up give up
give you fifteen more seconds that’s it fifteen more seconds that’s enough
you got almost there and five four three two one done nice work everybody I’m
proud of you for sticking with it right through to the very end you like this
workout make sure you give it a big ol thumbs up and subscribe to our YouTube
channel it’s really the main thing that helps us keep this great service free
check out a sitcom with hundreds of free workouts meal plans complete fitness
plans all there for you for free please do us a favor to tell your one the two
best friends above this service we would love to have them come join you for a
workout enjoying the hats fit family well I’m coach cho’s at capacity and
I’ll see you in your next workout

100 Replies to “10 Minute Abs Workout for Beginners – 10 Min Easy Beginner Ab Workout for Women & Men at Home”

  • I've been doing the harder workouts even though I'm a beginner lol, glad to see something I can do a bit easier, but I like pushing myself

  • I've been doing the harder workouts even though I'm a beginner lol, glad to see something I can do a bit easier, but I like pushing myself

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    Thanks for your great Help
    would help me to treat the diastasis recti
    i have it after twice C section
    which exercises would be useful

  • I have a problem. Instead of my abs, my back starts hurting. Is that normal or is my back just… ill…? (English isn't my motherstongue)

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    just one question, i noticed that my upper abs is developing but lower abs is not that visible, is this routine only works for upper or the entire 6 pack abs? tia hasfit

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    Since January I'm down 25# don't know what I'd do without all of you. Hasfit has been a blessing, thank you for sharing these wonderful workouts with us!
    Will update you on my progress in 30 days!

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    How often can I do this workout? I’ve been doing it everyday after work

  • Hi HASfit! Thank you for the great video, the exercises are really effective. I just have a question my lower back really stings when I do these exercises, is there something I am doing wrong with posture or do you have any suggestions for modifications? Thanks for your time

  • First day , first set. Wow I feel it all through my core and abs. Thx coach. I will stay with this one until I need something more advanced. Fits right into my every other day of leg and abs. I also walk 15 minutes and ride a recumbent bike 20 minutes everyday. plus I stretch 3 times daily.

  • So I would like to know many times a week I should do this routine. Today will be my 2nd time this week . I did this workout day before yesterday and I still feel my abs from that workout. Nice stuff. Don't ever remember feeling my abs for that long…Happy …happy ..happy. Thx coach.

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