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We’re going to be trying to drink ten litres
of Diet Coke between us.Oh, hey guys. Didn’t see you there! DAD: Weirdo! MORGAN: Hello guys and today, we are joined with… DAD: Morgz’s Dad. MORGAN: …Who,
just for the record, is under the influence of alcohol right now. DAD: No, no, no, no,
no, no. I’m sobered up now. MORGAN: Oh yeah? DAD: Yeah. MORGAN: Oh yeah? MAN: F***ing liar!
MORGAN: So, if you couldn’t tell by the title, today we have a really fun video because,
what we’re going to be doing, is we’re just going to be drinking Diet Coke, bro. DAD: That’s
what it looks like. MORGAN: It’s going to be really fun. DAD: It looks great. MORGAN:
We’re going to be drinking Diet Coke. DAD: One or two little sips, I reckon. MORGAN: Yeah, that’s about it really. Plot twist! We gotta drink it all! So guys, today what we’re going
to be doing is we’re going to try and drink ten litres – hold on, are these two litre
bottles? – I didn’t actually check this. MAN: Are you sure about that? MORGAN: Yes, two
litres. We’re going to be trying to drink ten litres of Diet Coke between us without
burping. That’s the challenge. Literally, right, if you have ever had Diet Coke, you’ll
know that you take, like, a sip and then, instantly, you just burp. It’s, it’s impossible, isn’t it? DAD: Pretty much. MORGAN: Today, we’re going to drink ten litres. Do you think it’s possible? DAD: No! MORGAN: Well, we’ve got to give it our best shot. DAD: We’ll give it a go but it’s not possible. MORGAN: So, each one of these bottles right here equals ten thousand. DAD: Yep. MORGAN: So, what do you get when you add them altogether? DAD:
Fifty thousand. MORGAN: Fifty thousand? DAD: Fifty thousand. MORGAN: Fifty thousand – that’s
the amount of likes that I want you guys to smash on this video. Fifty thousand likes.
That was a terrible idea. So, we’re going to get started right now? DAD: Yes. I want one that’s quite cold. DAD: This one seems to be OK. MORGAN: I say that we jumble them all up. DAD: This one’s OK. That one’s… MORGAN: Shall we just get, shall we just get started with these two? Right? DAD: Yeah, go for it. MORGAN: Right, let’s do it. OK. Here we go.Ooooh. Listen to that fizz. DAD: Woah, woah, what the f***?MORGAN: It’s not ten litres anymore. It’s like 9.995. DAD: That is ridiculous. MORGAN: It’s alright lads. No need
to worry – Dad’s got his tissues. Absolute, absolute animal. Go on, Dad. Maybe get some Mr Muscle, maybe even get some Windex.Could even get a little bit of… DAD: Wait a minute.
Did you shake that up? MORGAN: What? DAD: Did you shake that up? MORGAN: No. DAD: That
seems a little bit like a coincidence to me. MORGAN: Well, alright, well cheers, cheers bro. So, we’re going to find out who can drink the most without burping. So, literally, I want you to burp,
you want me to burp. Just don’t burp. Woah. He’s got started already. Can’t tell him what to do! Wait – Is he going to burp? Is he going to burp? DAD: No. MORGAN: You don’t look like you’re not going
to! DAD: Oh… It was close! MORGAN: Bon appetite Mr Paul Hudson. Mr D P. Mr Small D Hudson. Right then, well… Just…I was literally about to burp then. DAD: Yeah? MORGAN: Oh my goodness. I’ve got one here. DAD: You burped then. MORGAN: No I didn’t, no I didn’t. DAD: You did because I heard the rumbling. MORGAN: I didn’t. Oh my goodness, I’ve got one right in my throat. I’ve
got to get…It’s gone, it’s gone… Don’t burp, don’t burp, don’t burp! DAD: Small, small sips. DAD: That’s ridiculous! MORGAN: Oh my goodness. Oh, oh! Oh my goodness, it’s literally… DAD: I’m waiting for it. It’s going to happen. MORGAN: Oh, I swallowed
it! I swallowed the burp! I swallowed the burp! But I’m beating you right now, bro.Let it out! Just let it out! Just let it be free, bro. It’s like a wild, endangered animal
in a zoo. Just let it be free. DAD: Can I just say something? I don’t drink Diet Coke. DAD: I don’t like it. MORGAN: Then I’m at a huge advantage, aren’t I? I have about seventeen bottles a day! MORGAN: Mmmm. Mmmm. I tell you, has your stomach got a hernia? Oh no, it’s pushing!DAD: Do you need some toilet paper there mate? MORGAN: It’s like a wild mating
call.MORGAN: Oh, oh it’s coming. Look out! Look out! Look out! One of those! One of those! One of those! Guys – watch this. This
goes out to all of Team Morgz out there. Are you ready for this Dad? Feast your eyes on this.DAD: This is hideous.MORGAN: That’s it! That’s it! Let it out! What are you doing, lad? MORGAN SINGS: Let it go, let it go, he
can’t hold it in anymore… Let it go, let it go. Let the burp free! MORGAN: What are you doing there? MORGAN: Scrambled eggs. Let it out bro!DAD: That’s not, that’s
not right because that’s just fizzing back and making me need to burp even more. That’s
not right. MORGAN: Go on. I didn’t touch you. There was no contact, bro. DAD: Is it a contact sport? MORGAN: Contact sport? Diet Coke drinking? Jacket’s coming off, jacket’s coming off.
Jacket’s coming off, bro. Don’t know why I’m calling you “bro,” when you’re not my bro.
I’ll call you, like, “pa.” Jacket’s coming off, pa. Do you know what? Do you know what? I’m not
messing about bro, I’m not messing about. DAD: How many layers have you got on? Oh no!
Not the guns show again. MORGAN: Look at them. DAD: Not the, not the imaginary guns show. MORGAN: Look at that. Look at them, look at those big boys. DAD: If you feel you need to, you know… cheat. MORGAN: I can’t, I can’t cheat on camera, can I? DAD: Oh, I’ve put my feet in it as well! Dropped it all. MORGAN: Could be tucked in to bed right now. Watching a nice episode of… DAD: Emmerdale farm. MORGAN: Emmerdale farm. Whilst downing Coca Cola Lite. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my evening, sat with my best friend in the
entire universe. DAD: Yeah, yeah yeah. MAN: Why the f*** you lying? Why you always lying? MORGAN: Down it! Down it!MORGAN: This, this has gone physical!DAD: Just checking how much you’ve got left. MORGAN: I’m still… What the, what the? What on Earth are you doing? Stop it! DAD: Nothing, I was just seeing…
MORGAN: I’m not happy with that. DAD: …I was just seeing how much was in it. MORGAN:
Do you know what? I say that we make this a little bit more interesting. Make this a little bit more competitive. Wiithout burping. If you burp, you automatically lose… DAD: Right. MORGAN: …But who can drink the rest of this bottle fastest? DAD: Well, you’ve got… I’m not even at the label yet. MORGAN: Do you agree? DAD: So, it’s s*** or bust on this
then, yeah? MORGAN: Yep. You can’t burp. If you burp, you’re automatically out. DAD: What
about if you burp in to the bottle? MORGAN: You can’t burp in to the bottle! That’s just
like saying. That’s like saying: You can’t speak but if you… MORGAN: Woah! MORGAN: I think, I think I’m pregnant now. DAD: How did you get to that from..? MORGAN: I think I’m preggers. I just swallowed it first after this. I’ve got a big advantage here but, man – I’m struggling. My tummy is hurting. MORGAN: Oh, you’ve got to try and consider their angle. DAD: Oh. That’s a fair point, yeah. MORGAN: Five gulps. MORGAN: Lads – I’m in so much pain. Guys I’m actually
really, like, this is serious. Bugger off! I’m so far ahead of him but I just don’t know if I have it in me. DAD: It’s a marathon, not a sprint. MORGAN: But I’ve still got to
win the race. DAD: Actually, what happens if I went and spilled mine? Oh! Oh no! Oh no!
MORGAN: Then you lose. DAD: Oh no. I can’t help it. I’m trying to hold it, I’m trying
to hold it. MORGAN: He’s spilt it. You’re cheating. MORGAN: Woah!DAD: That really doesn’t help, it’s not even slightly funny is it really mate?MORGAN: Do you think..? Did I get..? I helped you. I literally helped you. I helped you. DAD: You can’t expect
to get away with that. DAD: Have you got a couple of those T-shirts? MORGAN: What the f***? DAD: Wait a minute. I’m still going to win. DAD: Oh no!MORGAN: That’s my bottle, you idiot!MORGAN: Should we just call this one a DNF?DAD: I’d just like to say for the record that you started that. DAD: That were alright, weren’t it? MORGAN: Yeah.DAD: So, that’s, errm, me out of one pair of shorts for the rest of my life. MORGAN: Well… Round two.
DAD: No way. MORGAN: Well, guys, erm, that’s where we’re going to end this one. It’s clearly been just, just a cracking video. The moral of the story – don’t record
when your parents are under the influence of alcohol. Guys, guys, I’ll see you next
time. What an absolute bloody disaster!


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