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06 | I have a headache. #머리가 아파요 (Eng/Span/Viet sub)

06 | I have a headache. #머리가 아파요 (Eng/Span/Viet sub)

Being healthy is really important. But sometimes we feel that something’s wrong in our body and go to the pharmacy or hospital. So, let’s say ‘I am sick’ in Korean together. What would be your sickness when you’re in Korea? I have a fever. I have a runny nose. I have a headache. I have a stomachache. I feel my stomach is gonna blow up. I think I ate too much. I have some trouble with my digestion. In Korean expression, we say ‘I can’t digest’. I can’t digest. Doctor, I can’t digest. Can you give me some medicine, please?

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