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Ciao everybody,
this is Arata. And I’d like all of you.. to visit Italy:
the most ignorant country in Europe. But we also have a lot of great things to
visit: colosseum, Venice, and… that statue with his ding-a-ling out of his pants. You should visit Italy now, because since
the coronavirus scared the shit out of us, the country is currently a fucking desert. The world’s freaking out for the CV, but since we’re the best civilization in the world we’ll demonstrate that we are… fucking lords. So I wan’t talk about the disease
itself, I’ll be talking about the 5 most hilarious consequences of the coronavirus
on idiots… here in Italy. Number one. No chinese allowed in restaurants
As soon as the corona virus showed up, some cards appeared on many restaurants’ windows:
no chinese allowed in this restaurant. Apologies for the inconvenience.” If “inconvenience” means I’m a fucking
brainless racist idiot, then yes, we may forgive you. number two. Cough etiquette
Ah, the coliseum. One the favorite destinations of any tourist
here in Italy. But wait, before getting in, you should read
the “Cough etiquette” outside the building: wash, wipe, cover… don’t infect another! They also rhymed the sentence, how creative! Sneeze, blow your nose or cough into a disposable
tissue, and discard the tissue immediately into a bin. If tissue is not available, cough or sneeze
into your upper arm or sleeve. That’s no information, that’s pure poetry. number three. Protected and stylish
Everybody knows we are also the world’s fashion capital… so, if you’ve been infected
by mass hysteria, you should let anybody know with a great, classy silk face mask. There it is, the Fendi’s silk face mask. 190 €.
Unfortunately, the item is currently sold out but hey, let’s hope this disease will
spread over and over, so you’ll have your chance to show everybody how stylish you can
be. number four. Coronascam
Some call it disease, some call it opportunity. This mentality is what brought some fake doctors
to visit elderly people to check if they have been infected by the virus, and then rob them. Some other creative scammers simply request
money as a precautionary measure, since “this virus is being transmitted through banknotes”. We are italians. In every situation. Fun fact, we also are the 5th most racist
country in Europe. I’ve got nothing but records to talk about my country! And last but not least fecal… number 5, street vendors of face masks. This is central station of Rome, capital of
Italy. And there’s this guy who yells out every 10
seconds “the virus is spreading! It’s essential to protect ourselves with
masks!” 2 € for the masks with no packaging, dirty
as hell, and ineffective against coronavirus, malaria or halitosis. This man is an hero. He found a way to earn money while economy is poor. So, book a flight to Italy right now. Come to visit our country, stay here to experience
our epic idiocy. Ciao everybody! Europe. How ironic.


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