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I’m gonna take all my symptoms into account and that means I will hold airway clearance for tonight. Which, I mean, there’s always… that’s, that’s a pound it, man. [chuckles] ♬ Don’t you think we’re better together ♬ ♬ Oh Honey ♬ ♬ I think we are ♬ Good morning guys. Monday morning, getting blood work. Here we go. [coughing] Because it’s, well, it’s a timed dose. We got to go get this blood work. We’ll tell you more about what we’re up to today. [coughing] Here again, here again, jiggity jig. Well, it looks like we’re still in the same spot we were like, two hours ago, but it turns out that we need to do… needed to do before and after blood work for Mary’s vancomycin dose today, so… Anyways, we’re going to get the second draw right now. Hey guys, we are home… from a long busy day. I’ll tell you more in a minute, but Mary is actually… on the couch right now, got an ice pack on her head, a heat pack on her stomach, and she’s not feeling good. She’s got a really bad headache and… just resting for now, but we had, we had a bit of a crazy day. So, you may have caught just briefly when we were at the hospital this morning. We had to do bloodwork and… basically, we’ve been trying to figure out Mary’s vancomycin dose to get it a therapeutic level. So it’s actually, um, doing something to the bacteria in her lungs and so… It’s kind of adjusting the dose as we check the levels and so we adjusted it, bumped it up I think three times during this course and we bumped it up end of last week. And so we wanted to check it today. And so what we did was we ended up going and getting the trough. So, right before her 12 o’clock dose we did a blood draw at the hospital and then we hung around for a couple hours. She did her dose and then did a blood draw an hour after… her dose finished, so we were like… It worked out. We went and got lunch in between and… just kind of sat in the car and… We’re both a little tired today and anyways, we got that second blood draw, came home for a little bit and we actually went out to dinner with Mary’s dad, and he’s in town for business. And so we went out to dinner, came home, and Mary just started not feeling great, and… I was working in the kitchen, cleaning dishes and whatever else, and she was just not feeling good. So she took some meds and has an ice pack and she’s uh… pushing through it. She’s a trouper but she’s got a lot of chemicals pumping through her body, and tomorrow marks four weeks of IV antibiotics and so it’s a, it’s a long time to be… processing all the side effects and her body not feeling well, and this morning she was coughing up some blood and… It’s just a lot going on. So I’m working on trying to tidy the house a little bit. We feel like our life’s been a little out of control, just with… keeping up with IV schedule and then just regular life on top of that, running our business and then… having church responsibilities and all that’s involved in our lives on top of the IV schedule has been a lot, so… I’m trying to get a little bit caught up on life today. Um… and kinda get the house a little more organized and… We’ll touch base with you guys here in a little bit. Hopefully Mary will be feeling a little better later tonight. We were gonna watch American Idol at some point, but we’ll wait until Mary’s feeling better. We have the TV set to record it. So, that’ll be a fun treat for whenever she’s feeling up to it. So we will see you guys in a bit. I’m gonna vlog for a second. Can you see me? [Peter] Mm-hmm. Hi guys. This is working for now. I ended up with the heating pad on the back of my head and the ice pack on the front of my head. And half of my face shoved into the pillow. Look at me, I’m talking! Hopefully we’re really hoping that my meds kick in really soon. And…help this to go away. Every once in a while, I get like, this sort of super headache. I don’t know if it’s a migraine or what, but whatever it is, it basically goes from like… Oh look, my head kind of hurts… to like, oh man, my head hurts. To like, oh man. I cannot look at my phone. To like, shut off all the lights. And then it’s just, I don’t know if it’s when I cough or something, it just shoots it really bad, like… goes from borderline into like way over the top, but I should probably stop talking because it’s starting to hurt worse, but… We got to go out to dinner with my dad. He’s in town for business and… thankfully my head was not hurting this bad. But oh my goodness… I’m really hoping these meds kick in. Me too. The three of us are just snuggled together on the couch. Today is actually a… momentous day in Frey Life history. Well… six years ago today we… brought Oliver- [Mary] This is not an April Fool’s joke. Yeah, this is not an April Fool’s joke. We, six years ago today, we brought home Oliver for the first time and… It was a really special day bringing this little guy into the mix of… starting to raise a puppy to be a service dog and then he would eventually go off to training and we would have another homecoming day, but… that was a special day back in 2013 when Oliver joined the Frey Life team. All right. Guess what? The lights are on. My glasses are on. My eyes are on. That was a rough little spurt. Oh my gosh. I do not know why that happens. That hasn’t happened for quite some time. I actually feel like maybe… was it when Eric and Denise were here? I don’t, well, no… Maybe it’s happened since then. You were having a pretty, it’s been since your sinus surgery that you really haven’t had this. Yeah. But um… Anyway, I was just thinking this kind of works itself out. I was actually coughing up some blood today, and um… you know, with, kind of where I’m at with my lungs and my lung disease and… I’m gonna cough up blood sometimes and sometimes it’s gonna be more than others, and when it’s not a whole lot… it’s that decision whether we should hold airway clearance or not. Um… You know, by the book, any… any blood in your like, coughing up blood would indicate like, hold airway clearance. But we’ve kind of learned, you know, and my, we’ve talked with my doctors about this, like… if I held airway clearance every time I coughed up blood it would, it feels like it would do more harm than good. And so when I only cough up a little bit of blood… it’s kind of to our discretion if I need to hold airway clearance or not, and the reason… the reason why… it would, you know… Okay, so your lung has a spot in it where it’s bleeding and blood is like, a great place for bacteria to grow. And so they want to that spot in your lung to stop bleeding. They want that to clot. So if your lung is trying to clot and then you do your vest… or whatever… Start coughing and you irritate it. Yeah. Could cause it to bleed more, but it comes down to like, we’ve learned Mary’s body and like… her lungs at this stage of life… tend to have these kind of minor, like, incidental bleeds that… Yes, we need to be cautious with. Right. But we’ve learned that we can kind of proceed with caution. So I was… I thought that it had stopped bleeding earlier today, but then kind of late in the afternoon I saw some more blood, and uh… So now that I have this headache and the meds have helped some… I mean, obviously significantly compared to what it was. But the pain, I’m pretty sure if/when I start coughing, it’s probably gonna get bad. So that being said… I’m gonna take all my symptoms into account and that means I will hold airway clearance for tonight. Which, I mean, there’s always… that’s, that’s a pound it, man. [chuckles] Because there’s always a benefit. You gotta find the silver lining, right? I get a night off of my vest. Um… That was not how I thought this night would go. [sighs] Oh. Here’s another benefit. I wanted to watch American Idol tonight… however, since I can barely sit up. Uh… now, when we watch American Idol, we can fast-forward through the commercials. There you go. There’s always a silver lining. Well guys, thanks for tuning in. This wasn’t really what we expected the vlog to be today, but that’s life. I had a… pretty cool food plan that I wanted to show you guys, but maybe tomorrow. There’s always tomorrow. There’s always tomorrow. Thank you guys for coming along and… [both] As always, we will see you tomorrow. Good night! [Mary] Happy six years bonesy boy. We’re so thankful for you. ♬♬


  • Well, that day did not end how we thought. But we made it through. I’ve heard it said “I’ve made it through 100% of my bad days” and that’s true 👍🏻

  • Hi Mary, Peter & Ollie, I have been watching your videos for more than a year. I want you to know I think of Mary often and keep her in my prayers. I have several chronic illnesses myself and know how grateful I am that I have an amazing and support husband like Peter. It warms my heart watching Peter gently rub Mary’s head. His love and devotion is so beautiful. You are the sweetest couple ❤️. Your strong faith in God and determination to make the best out of a very challenging health issue is greatly admired. I can totally get how your day does not turn out as you had planned. An unfortunate “side effect” of chronic illness. It is such a blessing that Peter’s pastoring and your other businesses allow him to be home to support and care for Mary. I so hope the medications can help Mary get back some lung function and strength. Maybe another round of steroids. I have RA and that is my “silver bullet” drug when all else fails. Ollie snuggles always brighten your spirit. Much love and hugs, Gena

  • What she is describing is a migraine and there is an excellent prescription med called Fioricet that works wonders on migraines when taken at the start of symptoms. Or you can take Excedrin with a nice cup of coffee. Because that's what you want for migraines a pain/inflammation med and then the coffee cause of the amount of caffeine in it, caffeine will help open the blood vessels

  • So sorry Mary your not feeling well. I can’t imagine all the daily side effects when taking these Antibiotics. I am so glad you have Peter by your side. You two are so great together. Prayers for you to feel better and for strength to continue your IVs. God Bless you both!

  • Poor peter looks so tired. Mary, sounds like a migraine. I take a medicine called fiorcet . I’ve had migraines since I was 10 y/o 😝 idk if with all the different meds you take you can take that. But dude it works like a CHARM!!!! #fuckmigraines 🤪🤪

  • Just love how the two of you love and support each other. You are an incredible model for unconditional love in sickness and in health. You totally enjoy each other's company as well. Congrats on 6 years of Oliver; he's a gem himself. Continuing to keep you both in my prayers. Silver lining, yes!

  • I always say prayers for you Mary and Peter too. I hope your meds start working for you! You are so strong Mary and always stay positive! Hugs!

  • Sending love and prayers from Wisconsin! I saw a beautiful rainbow today on my way home. There is beauty everywhere if we are willing to see it. I appreciate you both and am grateful I found your channel.

  • Mary buy the Ice Cap on amazon! I'm chronic migraine suffer I swear by the ice cap! worth the money! Love you!! xxxx

  • Hi Peter and Mary, love your positive outlook on life. You are continuously on my pray list I pray daily. Hope you'er feeling better soon. I watch you every day just love your blogs.

  • Oh Mary you are so strong to be going though all this, Peter is such a good husband!! Ollie is so cute, I had a very bad migraine today also, and not had one like that in couple years, but I just had the flu A and B, but finally getting my appetite back after 5 days!! But that is nothing compared to what you are going through!! Get feeling better soon!! God Bless you all!!

  • Praying for you every day, as I always say in my comments you are an amazing inspiration and the bravest couple I know.

  • Definitely sounds like migraine symptoms. When the head pounds/throbs and you are extremely light sensitive, the best thing to do is to take meds (maybe an extra dose) and then go sleep it off for like 3 hours. My sister used to get slurred speech as well when she had hers hit, but when she followed the procedure above, she would be tired but more ready to tackle daily life again after her 3 hour nap. So sorry you had to deal with that plus the blood. PTL that you were able to feel decent for your supper out with your dad. Skipping commercials during playbacks of shows is so great! As someone else said, gentle hugs to you, Mary! Blessings to you as well Peter, as you pick up the slack when Mary isn't up to doing her usual.

  • I'm chroincally ill with autoimmune disease, Sjogrens & Lupus and am in bed with a nasty flare up that has lasted several weeks. The pain is bad today. Your videos keep me going. Seriously, it makes me feel like I'm not alone and now I have my husband watching too! I wish I could explain the positive effects of your videos more eliquently, but they mean a lot. They're helping all of us with chronic health problems. Bless you both for your good work xx

  • So sorry for your sucky day. Prayers for you feeling lots better! Happy Birthday Ollie! 👑🎁🎂🎈🎉

  • The Frey Life I feel for ya Mary! I get at least 1 migraine a month but if the weather changes, drink wine, dark choco, certain cheese then im getting more then 1 a month! I started over 10 yrs ago with them and it cane to a point where i had to go to the ER for IV cocktails to get rid of them so now i have to take Almotripitan (sp?) when its onset. Oh and of course my Fibro and TMJ doesnt help! Feel better Mary!! Peter u r a rare breed👍 Ollie is precious!!! ❤️🇨🇦

  • I swear, something must be in the air! I've heard of so many people having migraines these days. I woke up with a migraine at 4:08AM on Saturday (to be precise – LOL!). I'm in AZ, temp outside is 80 degrees and sunny. I had ice on my head, long pants and sleeves, and my heated mattress pad on for my aches and chills! I know….but whatever helps right!? I was having a full blown 'flare up' (fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis). I finally got on top of it today, where I could step outside in my back yard to let my dog out. It was a wowser of a headache, but I always say…..'it could have been worse!'. 'Hang in there' to everyone, who seems to feeling things a bit more than usual these days! 🙂

  • Mary…..I was told by a nurse ..for a bad headache….tylenol amd benedryl…..it worked. Like a charm…try it

  • Definitely sounds like a migraine, I don’t know what meds you have for headaches but it might be a good idea to go back to the headache specialist and if possible try some migraine abort meds to take at the first signs of a migraine. Also maybe start a migraine diary and try figure out triggers. I have chronic migraines because of EDS. So I don’t know a lot about CF, but I hope you get some relief from the migraines coz they really suck.

  • I'm sorry your feeling rubbish Mary 😔
    I hope you feel a little better tomorrow
    💖 You guys so much xxxxxx

  • That's a migraine, Mary. I get them and you're describing what I get. Flushed cheeks like you had afterwards. You can get them due to stress (and that's a big part of your life!) Sending you love, hugs, and prayers. God bless you and keep you, Mary. Give Oliver a scritch for me. No, not your hubby!

  • So very sorry you both have to go through this. I pray you could get some home help, just to do laundry and cleaning, have you tried to get some through insurance? I mean you have go work Peter, there must be something? Praying for you both during this exhausting time. I guess this is the downside to doing iv's at home. God bless you both. Mary be well soon honey. Hope you get off the antibiotics etc. Very soon.

  • Aw Mary, I’m sorry. I get migraines and that definitely sounds like a migraine. I hope you’re feeling better today

  • Mary and Peter, I came across your vlogs while looking for videos on bronchiectasis which I have, but the non-CF kind. Sometimes I spit up blood so I appreciated your explanation of why that happens and how it might not be a good idea to do airway clearance right away. I just found out about the vest and am hoping my new pulmonologist will order one after he verifies my Dx with a CT and PFT. I found your vlog about the vest very helpful. I pray in Jesus’ name for your healing. Peter, God bless you for caring for Mary so well. And thanks for always ending with Oliver. 🥰🙏

  • Oh Mary 😢 my heart ❤️ hurts for you. I pray you find relief from all these horrible symptoms soon and you find a therapeutic dose with the IV antibiotics asap. 🙆🏼💞 Your cheeks look flushed 😔 Feel better soon and happy 6 Year gotcha day to Ollie 💞🐶💞 @thefreylife

  • Who do you like in American Idol? I think Alejandro is so far above the others he’s in the stratosphere.They are all great but…he’s a musical genius!

    Hope you feel better! ❤️ I know migraine pain…I always pictured a nuclear mushroom cloud in my head. Best wishes to you both❣️

  • headaches are the worst. I know what you mean, I can get one that starts off as an annoyance that turns quickly into a massive set back. I always feel guilty for resting, but I am working on listening to my body and knowing when to rest!! hope you feel better soon!! bye headache go away!!

  • Thank you for sharing your life with us. Take care sweetheart and know that God loves you and so do we. 🙂

  • The important thing you said in the video is that you have learned your body and how it reacts. You've learned to heed what it says. Those headaches are not welcome, but I'd bet they're part of the reaction to the day's activities as well as the medication. God Bless. 💗😀👋

  • Oh, (((Mary & Peter))) You are SUCH a blessing and inspiration. It's AWESOME to see and hear how much you love each other❣️

  • I have CF and you guys hace kept my strong through it all! I love you guys and hope you feel better.

  • Hey Mary, sorry you feel so bad! This might make you chuckle, the other day when you and Peter we're singing, " Superman got nothing on me" it got stuck in my head and I can't find the stop button. You need to talk about another song, PLEASE .

  • Hang in Mary (& Peter) you know your body! Do what you gotta do for now. I gotta say that I noticed your headaches haven’t been like they use to be since your sinus surgery! Good thing!! Question??? I noticed you haven’t mentioned your tube feeds much? Are you still doing those regularly to maintain your weight or are you just finding you are having a better appetite than you use to have? I noticed that you seem to be not having as many food deterrent issues? Like you mention how you look forward to eating certain things. Either way you seem to be handling food much better (that we see on the vlog anyway) have a great & safe rainy nor’easter day today!! Lots of love, Marci down in Marshfield,Ma ❤️

  • Chronic migraine sufferer here and from what it looks like, it definitely seems like that’s a migraine. You could try getting an icecap off amazon, although it doesn’t take my pain away, it definitely helps. Sumatriptan is usually my go to abortive. I’ve tried all the meds including meds from Canada when we ran out of options. Everyone is different though lol. And you mentioned that it started getting worse after dinner. Totally doesn’t have to be related but for some people certain foods/ingredients or spices can trigger a migraine. Maybe keep in mind what you ate before you got this head pain.

  • So would your lung bleeds be considered pulmonary embolisms technically? If so, are you on a blood thinner?

  • That’s a migraine my sweet girl. I have them monthly. I take some serious meds for them. Sensitivity to light, sound, smell and shooting pain when you move or shake your head. I’m so sorry. It’s vicious. Sometimes if I get a round of headaches for a few days and they get progressively worse then I know I’m gonna have a migraine. Feel better. You’re doing a famous job of treating yourself. I’m in awe of you. God bless and much love to you both. And you’re a good boy Ollie! We all ❤️ you Bonezy!

  • The Frey Life I have a school research project and I chose CF after watching your videos. They are very informative. Thank you!!! I love you and your family. Y'all are amazing people! I would love to ask a few questions once you are feeling better. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I hope you get everything sorted out.

  • Yeah, sometimes I get a SUPER bad headache from coughing so hard cuz we're forcing the blood to our brain and during a coughing fit, we aren't taking in oxygen, so the lack of oxygen plus forcing the blood to our brains can cause a major headache. I've also noticed that when I have a splitting migraine, it's usually cuz my blood pressure is super high. I don't know if you take blood pressure meds., but during a headache, you should check your blood pressure just to rule it out.

    Also, when I've had massive hemoptysis… I withheld airway clearance. But, it is good to rest your lungs until the bleeding clots. "Streaking" is ok, but if you're coughing up tablespoons of blood, you should definitely hold airway clearance and go see your doctor. Also, it help if you sleep a little elevated when there's blood present cuz if you lay flat, it'll come up more.And definitely avoid NSAID's since you could bleed more. These are just MY experiences, and everyone's are different. I'm not a doctor trying to diagnose, or telling you what to do, I'm just sharing my experience and perhaps offering suggestions. <3 <3 <3

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